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Gaelic football Super 8’s predictions

Making predictions of the teams that will play Super 8’s in 2020 is easy to pick as

Dublin, Kerry, Donegal, Tyrone, Armagh, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Cork, Meath, Kildare & Monaghan are the only teams in with a realistic chance of playing Super 8 Football. Looking at what way the groups can line up for the Super 8’s can give you an idea of what you might expect to plan out come the end of July.

Group one Super 8’s predictions

The Connacht runner up will play either the Leinster runner up or the winner of a round 4 qualifier. The Connacht dra kept Galway and Mayo apart so these will likely meet in the final. I think Galway at present would beat Mayo. So Galway would be the winner in this instance, they would likely face Kildare, I expect Kildare to reach the Leinster final but lose to Dublin. A round 4 qualifier winner could be any side. The other fixture in the group will see Ulster winner which I think Tyrone will be in 2020 face the Munster runner up. I expect this to be Cork.  So Group 1 of the Super 8’s will likely be Mayo, Kildare, Tyrone and Cork or a round 4 winner. Furthermore,these games will likely be played on 11/12th of July.

Group Two Super 8’s predictions

Group 2 will see the Leinster provincial runner up face the Ulster runner up. Going on the Ulster draw for 2020 I expect Monaghan to be the runners up. This will mean Banty McEnaney’s men will likely face Dublin. They should win Leinster again. Also in Group 2 the Munster winner in this case I think will be Kerry will face the Connacht runner up. I expect this to be Mayo. So that will see a Kerry v Mayo in the first round. So Group 2 of the Super 8’s will likely be Monaghan, Dublin, Kerry and Mayo or a round 4 winner.

Group 1

Mayo, Kildare, Tyrone, Cork, or Round 4 winner

Group 2

Monaghan, Dublin, Kerry, Mayo or Round 4 winner.

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