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Hurling Review & Results – Christy Ring, Rackard, and Meagher Cup

Christy Ring Cup: Kildare Dominance and Derry’s Resurgence

Kildare’s Path to Victory: David Qualter Leads Charge in Convincing Win Over Tyrone

In a commanding display, Kildare continued their undefeated streak in the Christy Ring Cup, with David Qualter shining as they overpowered Tyrone. Read on as we dissect the match, highlighting standout performances and pivotal moments.

Derry Bounce Back: McNaughton’s Brilliance Seals Victory Over London

Derry showcased their resilience, securing a crucial win against London to reignite their qualification hopes. Dive into the action-packed match, featuring standout players and game-changing plays.

Wicklow’s Thrilling Triumph: Germaine’s Late Heroics Seal Victory Over Sligo

In a nail-biting encounter, Wicklow clinched a dramatic win over Sligo, fueled by Seánie Germaine’s stellar performance. Explore the thrilling moments that defined this captivating showdown.

Nickey Rackard Cup: Donegal’s Dominance and Mayo’s Surge

Donegal’s Unbeaten Run Continues: Ward’s Goal Guides Them Past Roscommon

Donegal maintained their flawless record in the Nickey Rackard Cup, with Seán Ward’s decisive goal steering them to victory against Roscommon. Delve into the match highlights, featuring standout players and key moments.

Mayo’s Commanding Win: Heraty and Regan Lead Charge Against Armagh

Mayo delivered a dominant performance against Armagh, fueled by early goals and stellar displays from John Heraty and Seán Regan. Discover how Mayo asserted their authority in this pivotal match.

Louth’s Thrilling Triumph: Murphy’s Brace Secures Derby Win Over Monaghan

In a captivating derby clash, Louth emerged victorious against Monaghan, propelled by Conor Murphy’s brace of goals. Relive the thrilling moments that defined this intense showdown.

Lory Meagher Cup: Fermanagh’s Ascendancy and Longford’s Resilience

Fermanagh’s Commanding Victory: Clifford Leads Charge Against Lancashire

Fermanagh showcased their prowess with a commanding win over Lancashire, highlighted by Eoghan Clifford’s standout performance. Explore the key moments that propelled Fermanagh to the top of the group.

Longford’s Derby Triumph: Darcy Inspires Victory Over Cavan

In a crucial derby encounter, Longford demonstrated resilience and determination to secure a vital win against Cavan. Follow the action as Cian Darcy leads Longford to a hard-fought victory.

Leitrim’s Return to Form: O’Hagan Stars in Win Over Warwickshire

Leitrim bounced back to winning ways with a spirited performance against Warwickshire, led by Gavin O’Hagan’s stellar display. Dive into the match highlights and pivotal moments.


Saturday May 11

Christy Ring Cup Round 4

Kildare 2-31 Tyrone 0-11

Derry 2-22 London 2-13

Nickey Rackard Cup Round 4

Donegal 1-25 Roscommon 2-10

Mayo 4-29 Armagh 2-16

Monaghan 2-17 Louth 4-12

Lory Meagher Cup Round 4

Fermanagh 1-23 Lancashire 0-20

Leitrim 2-25 Warwickshire 0-16

Longford 0-25 Cavan 1-19

Sunday May 12

Christy Ring Cup Round 4

Wicklow 2-15 Sligo 1-17

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