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Rory Beggan Returns to Monaghan Amid Uncertainty Over NFL Contract

Rory Beggan Returns to Monaghan Amid Uncertainty Over NFL Contract


Amidst speculation surrounding his NFL prospects, Rory Beggan made a surprise appearance at a Monaghan training camp last weekend, as reported by The Irish News. While the Scotstown native had ventured to America in pursuit of an NFL contract as a kicker, recent developments have left his future hanging in the balance.

Despite fellow Irishman Charlie Smyth clinching a lucrative three-year deal with the New Orleans Saints, Beggan’s return to Ireland last Thursday signaled a potential shift in his plans. The 31-year-old’s presence at the training camp raised hopes of a swift return to action, particularly ahead of Sunday’s Ulster Championship clash against Cavan, led by Raymond Galligan.

Beggan’s last outing in county colors dates back to the 2023 All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Dublin. In his absence, Darren McDonnell has held the goalkeeper position during the National League, which saw Monaghan relinquish their Division One status after a decade in the top tier.

While Beggan’s comeback would undoubtedly bolster Monaghan’s prospects in the Championship, uncertainties loom as updates from across the Atlantic are awaited. Farney boss Vinny Corey acknowledged the fluid nature of Beggan’s situation, admitting that his availability for the Championship remains “very much up in the air.”

Corey reflected on Beggan’s dedicated efforts to secure an NFL contract, noting his commendable performance during recent pro day trials. Alongside Smyth and other hopefuls, Beggan showcased his skills at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis before participating in pro day trials in Florida, ultimately signing with American football agency ProStar Sports in pursuit of his dream.

As the Monaghan faithful await further developments, Beggan’s potential return adds an intriguing subplot to the team’s Championship aspirations, highlighting the intersection of sporting ambition and transatlantic pursuit.


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