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Tyrone refuse to answer any questions on COVID from Press

Tyrone refuse to answer any questions on COVID from Press that threatened their All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry at their media event in Garvaghey on Tuesday.

Before the start of the event, co-manager Feargal Logan announced to the media on call, that any questions revolving around COVID will be swiftly and politely declined for answering.

Logan stated;

“You will understand that we’re looking at a very important day on Saturday week, a very important footballing day for Tyrone generally, and all of ourselves,” he said.

“So in the circumstances, feel free to ask whatever you want to ask. If it strays beyond football and it enters arenas of Covid or vaccinations, we don’t feel it’s appropriate.

“We don’t mean any disrespect or ill-will if we say to you: ‘Listen, have you a football question please?’ That’s the way we’ll be dealing with it. There’s a time and a place. It’s a very serious issue, what’s happening around our own county at the moment. So we don’t think it’s appropriate to be batting it about.

“We’re happy to answer all your football questions. There will be a time and a place, if there’s further enquiry needed, we’ve absolutely no difficulty. But tonight is a good football night for everyone, so we look forward to it.”

Tyrone refuse to answer any questions on COVID from Press

Speaking on the full panel’s fitness and injury concerns ahead of the final against Mayo, Logan declined to speak;

“Whatever about any other debate, in the privacy of the squad we would just honour our position,” he said.

“We’ll review it all and see where it lands us, but be assured that there were several players that we just felt were not right.”

Logan also spoke about his hopes that Croke Park will allow more allocation from 40,000 people to a rumoured 75% full capacity if all ticket holders are fully vaccinated.

“On a very practical level, it would ease a bit of difficulty around this county on pure tickets but those are things that are way beyond our control and whatever number of thousand, we were appreciative and glad that there was 24,000 in last weekend and it added to the occasion.

“And, of course, in an All-Ireland final you would like to be there with 82,000, but whatever happens, we will just have to deal with it. I am sure everyone involved in it will deal with it sensibly and as best as possible in all the circumstances of a public health emergency we are dealing with.”

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