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5 Natural Health Supplements To Take For Muscle Strength

Natural Health Supplements – Whether you’re fond of sports and bodybuilding, or simply value physical fitness, one of the many things you need to take care of are your muscles. You need to keep your muscle mass balanced and strong. The best way to do this is to get the right nourishment that your body, and especially your muscles, needs. 


Nowadays, eating the right food is not enough to obtain the required amount of minerals and vitamins since some foods lose their natural nutritional components. As they’re artificially processed and preserved, the minerals and vitamins from your food decrease. To solve such a problem, you might need to take some supplements.


Here are some of the best natural health supplements that can strengthen your muscles:


  1. Creatine


This is one of the most popular health supplements among the fitness and bodybuilding communities. It’s also one of the most studied supplements because of its health benefits. That’s why quality formulas of supplements have creatine as their fundamental ingredient. 


With creatine, you can enhance your muscle functions during high-intensity exercises. Usually, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) only lasts for eight to ten seconds in your body’s cells during high-intense physical activities. If you take creatine supplements, you can increase the muscle stores of ATP. Thus, you can perform high-intensity exercises for longer periods of time. 


Other benefits of creatine include increasing the water content of your muscle cells because of cell swelling. It can also increase muscle growth hormones known as the IGF-1. 


Due to its long-term benefit, creatine can protect your muscles from damage caused by strenuous exercises. 


  1. Protein


Another natural health supplement that can help strengthen your muscles is protein. That’s why a lot of protein-based supplements have become popular with those who want to gain muscular endurance.


Although you can strengthen your muscles by taking protein supplements, weight training and exercising can boost the effect even more. However, during weight lifting and intense activities, your muscles develop micro-tears. To combat this, you need to eat more proteins because they act as fillers and repair such tears to ensure that your muscles stay strong and resilient. 


If you think that consuming excessive protein supplements is better, then think again. It’s because too much protein can increase your chances of gaining weight rather than gaining muscle, as well as increase the likelihood of developing kidney stones due to dehydration. That’s why you need to take in the right amount of protein.


Typically, for every kilogram of body weight, you’ll need at least 0.8 grams of protein if you exercise regularly. For more details on a specific amount of protein intake, you may need to consult your dietician.


  1. Magnesium


Although your body has an abundant quantity of magnesium, deficiency of such minerals can lead to a weakening of your muscles, apart from other health issues. That’s why you need to take supplements rich in magnesium if you want to maintain the right amount of it in your cells. 


Magnesium-based supplements can help regulate your muscle contractions. While protein, myosin, and calcium contract your muscles, magnesium helps in relaxing your muscles. In this way, you can protect your muscles from painful spasms or cramps that can disrupt your training exercises. 


  1. Beta-alanine


If you’re a vegetarian, you may need supplements rich in beta-alanine to compensate for the deficiency of this nutrient caused by dietary restrictions. Since this vitamin comes from meat products, your zero meat intake may decrease your muscle contractions. 


With a suitable intake of beta-alanine, you’ll increase your muscular carnosine reserves. This carnosine is essential to enhance your muscle strength. That’s why if you’re into cardiovascular exercises like martial arts, you can expect an improvement in your activity level. 


  1. Fish Oil


Lastly, you may need fish oil supplements to bolster your physical workouts. Fish oil comes from mackerel, halibut, herring, salmon, and other tissues of fatty fish. From fish oil comes omega-3 fatty acid vital to keeping your body healthy. Not only does it boost your muscle strength, but it also reduces muscle soreness after workouts. 


After intense physical workouts, inflammation of your muscle cells occurs. This can prevent you from working out for a couple of days as your muscles will take time to heal. Fish oil can help in reducing muscle inflammation and damage. 


During training, you can also improve your performance if you have enough omega-3 fatty acids in your body. This is because the fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help in the maintenance of muscle force. Thus, your muscles can contract for longer periods without much swelling. 




Now that you know the top 5 most recommended natural health supplements for your muscles, you’ll know which supplements and foods to include in your healthy diet and strength training. From strengthening your muscles to balancing their contractions, there is a lot that supplements can do to reinforce your physical performance. Creatine, which is the most popular, can help your muscles retain more ATP while proteins protect your muscles from micro-tears. To help regulate your muscle contractions, magnesium should also be present in sufficient quantities. 


Meat products are also essential, but you can substitute beta-alanine as a supplement for strengthening your muscles. Moreover, if you’re not into fish, fish oil supplements are recommended for reducing muscle pains. 


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