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How Sportsbooks continue to offer Localised Offerings

The gambling market has continued to experience stiff competition due to the rapid rise of numerous sportsbooks.

However, the global expansion of the market offers sportsbooks many opportunities to help them stand out. As most of them seek to acquire new customers, localisation has emerged as one of the crucial strategies they are using.

The Magic of Localising Content

In Ireland, for instance, the popular national sport is Gaelic Football, which has been played in the country for over 700 years. Along with Hurling, these indigenous sports are the oldest and rank top over other games like soccer, which engages close to 16% of the Irish population. While most Irish soccer fans support English teams, offering options that allow them to wager on such sports can be a great way to tap into this market.

Many bookmakers are already applying this practice to penetrate local markets. For example, Lottoland Ireland sports betting allows wagering on regional sports in different countries such as Algeria, Australia, India, etc. This way, companies are exploiting untapped local markets and audiences, enhancing their revenues.

Localising content gives the impression that a company understands and cares about a specific region. This makes the users connect more with the platform and can enhance retention rates. Having different odd formats can also help to appeal to regional preferences. For example, most British and Irish bookmakers will offer fractional odds as most players in these regions are more familiar with such odds.

Localised content can be further personalised to establish strong bonds with players. Exploding Topics suggested that businesses that customise offerings can improve their performance significantly, as over 60% of customers preferred such services. Tailoring promotions and bonuses to local events, holidays, or sports seasons can increase their relevance and appeal.

Access Considerations

Internet advancements in different areas differ, and this influences the specific devices players will use to wager. In Ireland, more than 44% of all online bets are placed using smartphones and tablets compared to desktop computers. Offering multi-device solutions that are fully customisable enhances the players’ experience with your site.

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As players will mostly prefer using familiar payment methods, integrating local systems can engage them more. Establishing new accounts adds more steps to their journey, which might not be worthwhile for most users. A JP Morgan research identified credit and debit cards as the most preferred payment method in Ireland, with over 60% of all online transactions done with the cards. Visa leads this trend, having over 80% of the market share in the country.

Terms referring to different gambling forms may also vary from one region to another. In most European countries, for example, words like house edge, the cut will be common for what an American may refer to as juice. Localising your language use can also result in stronger player connections. Platforms are also ensuring the support teams can communicate with players in languages mentioned on the site to foster trust.

In summary, sportsbooks are evolving as they seek to get a greater share of the global gambling market. As localising is a lucrative means, we expect more companies to offer regional products to attract more local audiences.

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