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Interesting Ideas to Host FIFA World Cup Viewing Party

FIFA World Cup has always been the biggest sports event for football lovers. Not everyone can afford to visit the hosting country to watch live matches. That is why the fans start organizing their own viewing parties at home. For those who can’t make it to Brazil for the World Cup, there are ways to watch live matches via online channels.

Football events offer a great opportunity to organize parties and gatherings of friends and family. With some creative ideas, viewers can make this whole viewing experience a lot better and more entertaining. Let’s see what works best for you and your friend circle. Here are some countries that have hosted FIFA events:

  • Italy – 1990
  • USA – 1994
  • France – 1998
  • South Korea and Japan – 2002
  • Germany – 2006
  • South Africa – 2010
  • Brazil – 2014
  • Russia- 2018

FIFA World Cup Viewing Party Ideas

First, you need to have a diversity of supporters, like participants of the party should sport teams from both sides. This will create intense competition between the viewers. Once you are sure the right people are in your gathering, here are some more creative ways to add real fun to your event.

Rental of cinema rooms

Another way to watch live football matches at home is by renting a movie theater room. Cinema rooms can be hired, particularly for parties and weddings. You need a high-quality projector for this purpose, and with the right equipment; the home cinema will be ready within no time. When the event is over, the cinema room can be returned to its original owner.

If a DIY project is too much for you, hiring the services of a rental cinema is still a great idea. The owners will provide food, entertainment, and essential souvenirs if participants want to bring back something from Brazil. If the cinema is too big for you, other people can also be invited. They can also advertise the party for people who do not have direct access to FIFA World Cup matches on television or are unable to travel to Brazil for the event.

Bet on the Outcome of the matches

For those who have already reached the World Cup host country, there are chances to bet on the outcome. Gameplay should not be boring, and adding a touch of gambling can add unlimited thrill to the game. Friends can place their bets on the outcome of the match. This way, all guests will pay special attention to the game. There are similar online websites and casinos where they can place bets. Guests with a tight budget can join wypłacalne kasyno online, as they can get started without making any deposit.

If you are already in Brazil, you can place bets at bookies located in large cities with good access to services and TV channels broadcasting live matches. For your guests, placing local bets is more suitable, and the host can be a bookkeeper to manage the money and the prizes.

Play Pre-match Games

Make sure all of your guests have reached the venue on time. Inviting them a few hours before the match will give you extra time to play a friendly game. This gives a prompt chance to make all group members involved. The event will go live as soon as the kick-off time is announced. Members, who do not want to play, can enjoy coffee or drinks at the venue. A viewing party can also be organized at any coffee shop or pub. This will give you more moments to meet new individuals and make new friends during the course of the event.

Matches can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home too. But these parties serve the special purpose of connecting friends and family members. Getting a good network among friends is one of the core elements of watch parties. You can use this moment to create new relationships and have some solid bonding time with your friends and family members before the main game starts.

Have Drinks and Food Items

In order to keep everyone occupied, it is important to have food and drink items on hand for your guests. There are services available to take of food arrangements, or you can do it all on your own. This will be a great way of attracting more people to the venue. Be sure to keep the drinks, snacks, and other refreshments ready. Here are few food items and drink that you can have at the party:

  • Beer
  • Margarita
  • Sangria
  • Pina colada
  • Mojito
  • Carbonated drinks

Arranging such a party will take some effort. For those who are hosting a football party at home, think about the settings where you can show the draft matches and programs that can be trusted by your guests without any problems. Planning a viewing party in your TV room may not be a good idea if your space is not large enough. The settings should be edgy and modern. Individuals who like music need it loud, while others can enjoy some soft tunes without worrying about disturbing their family members.

Adding Live BBQ can be interesting.

People want something different at their party, and a BBQ may be the perfect option to add something special. Having snacks, drinks, and other items is also fine, but guests are going to enjoy live BBQ the most. You can include live barbecue along with a variety of drinks and food items that are well-matched with your beverages.

Guests can prepare their favorite BBQ items. It is always good to have a bit of fun at your event. For those who have invited their friends to watch the football matches, entertainment will surely be an added advantage for the guests. Apart from the FIFA match, you all will have lots of fun in these activities too. Try any or all these ideas during your coming FIFA World Cup matches and enjoy watching parties.


In this article, we have tried to cover a wide variety of topics so that viewers can get several options that can meet their requirements. Matches can be enjoyed online on your smartphone, too, but that won’t be much fun. It is always better to spend some time with people who care about you. Games not only keep your body fit, but they can also help you to build better social connections with such activities.


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