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Outdoor shows by the Strip in Las Vegas

Three great performances you can enjoy outdoors! There are three outdoor shows recommended for your trip that are both good and free of charge. All three are about 1300 meters apart on the Strip. Bellagio’s fountain is a relaxed and beautiful show. The other two shows at the Treasure Island and Mirage Casinos offer more action. These shows are located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, so nearby you can see the other known casino – Caesar’s Palace.


Volcano at the Mirage


A 15 meter high volcano is located outside the tropical hotel and casino, Mirage. If you like gambling so this place is for you, if you prefer online casino you can instead try Vulkan Vegas. If you are not a hazard player, so just enjoy the wonderful Volcano, which erupts five times each night. This show is unforgettable. At the end of 2008, the volcano reopened after a renovation for wilder and better effects. The hotel invested $ 25 million to become more competitive and attract more people. The volcano combines fire and water for a spectacular “volcanic eruption”. Below are over 150 fireproof sources that are synced with music. The volcano is next to the strip between The Venetian and Mirage.


Hear the big bangs in the evening when the “volcano” erupts in front of Mirage. The iconic volcano, which has graced The Strip for many years, always attracts a large audience. It combines light shows, fire and music into a beautiful choreography, and is one of the main attractions in the city. It has been renovated for a three-digit million and the sound effects provide a realistic experience of a true volcanic eruption.


“The Mirage” is as much a home for entertainment as it is a place to stay. Over 40 years ago it was known as “the outcast”, but today the hotel is ultra-modern, like any other places in Las Vegas.


As you enter the main entrance, there is a lush tropical rainforest. It is located under a 30.5 meter high dome, with 18 meters high palm trees providing shade. Not far from here are the lagoons where guests can swim or walk along the palm trees. With two pools and a series of cliffs where water evaporates into caves, this is a real man-made paradise! You can also move up in “The Paradise Cafe”, or in the bar called “The Dolphin Bar” where you can sip a cold drink on a hot Vegas day.


If you feel particularly warm, or want to get away, head into the swimming area and hop in the pool. This is a garment-free environment where you can sit back and watch “the local beauty,” all while sipping a drink. You will enjoy nature’s miracles as the sun’s rays shine in, while the dolphins swim just meters away.


You can also visit other attractions, “The Secret Garden” and “Dolphin Home”. These areas have been carefully reconstructed as a tropical paradise. Here, dozens of species fly, swim and crawl constantly. The 9.5 million-liter pool houses several Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in the sandy, artificial coral reef system that is on the bottom. The dolphins enjoy the variations found in the four different pools – as do the spectators.


If you want a closer look at the sea life, visit “The Aquarium”. This is just under 76,000 liters of fenced-in seawater that houses many different interesting fish and other life. There are more than 60 species represented among the 1,000 animals, and all are easy to spot through the 16-meter-long, 2-meter-wide, and 10-inch-thick acrylic walls.


Until a few years ago, the hotel hosted the Siegfried and Roy show with white tigers. But Roy was attacked by one of the animals and the show therefore closed down. Fortunately, the tigers are still present, and you can find them in “The White Tiger Habitat” (the home of the white tigers).


These beauties (the tigers) are displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a tightly controlled environment. They have both pool, fountain and imitated mountain terrain to romp in. It is a treat for the tigers as well as the spectators.


And just outside is “The Mirage” volcano. It is an artificial Vesuvius, which erupts during the evening. At the end of each hour, from 1 p.m. 19 to 24, it shoots smoke and flames high into the night sky.


The volcano was created by the designer team who helped develop the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. This is an attraction that must not be overlooked. The volcano is over 15 meters high and founded on a 1.2 hectare water covered area. It has impressed visitors for almost 20 years. Even the smell is interesting. To cover the smell of gas used to cause volcanic eruptions, spray with a lovely scent of Piña Colada (drink with coconut flavor).


Bellagio Fountain Show


The most famous and popular show in Las Vegas today is Bellagio’s Fountain Show. The fountain is located in an over 300 meters wide and 150 meters long basin with very powerful water jets, they can reach 50 meters height. The show features a beautifully synchronized water dance with powerful lighting for various songs, such as Viva Las Vegas with Elvis and Time To Say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman. It is a spectacular show not to be missed as it is in the middle of the strip between the luxury hotel Bellagio and Paris Las Vegas.


Treasure Islands action show

On a full-size ship off Treasure Island, pirates, acrobats and lightly-dressed girls attend a show four times each night. The performance consists of acrobatics, music, dance, fencing and modern pyrotechnics. The hotel replaced its previous pirate show with this sexy show to attract more people and to get a more sexy image to the hotel. Many people often come to the show and it is therefore good to arrive well before the show starts to get better seats.

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