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Tennis Betting: Do You Already Apply These Tips?

Tennis betting is enjoying growth throughout the world at the moment. It is one of the most exciting sports to bet on, especially now that betting exchanges such as FanDuel Sportsbook offer in-play betting.

We will jump into the various bets you can make on tennis and strategies to approach your betting.

Ways to Bet on Tennis Market

There are many different ways to bet on the Tennis markets; we have listed our favorites below:

Betting on the Winner

It’s the simplest and most popular option. Just pick the winner of the match and put your bet on it. If you are correct, you get paid out at the odds you placed your bet.

Handicap Betting

It’s similar to betting on the match. However, the best player will have a handicap and start behind the weaker player on the scoreline. It should make the game evenly matched between the players. There is less risk in betting this way but also lower odds.

Set Betting

There are two primary forms of set betting. The first is betting on a single set. It has been a stimulating way to bet in-play while watching the game, and if you know a particular player’s weaknesses, it can pay off.

The other form of set betting is to bet on total sets won by a player.

Tournament Betting

It’s simply betting on the outright winner of a tournament. It can be an excellent option for betting if that is your thing.

There are other options available depending on the market, but you have to keep your eye on odds and value.

Betting on Tennis: Basic Advice to Enhance Winnings

As a tennis bettor, we bring you some bare essentials you should know about this topic. Understanding all these factors can get you to back more winners and fewer losers!

Try Paper Betting First

If you are new to betting, we would strongly suggest that you paper trade first, that is, put imaginary bets on paper and see how you get on. While you are trying to establish a system, this’s a crucial step. Remember, long-term profits should be the goal of any betting campaign.

Think Surface

Our second piece of tennis betting advice – make sure you think about the surface where the match is being played. There are dozens of players out there, especially clay-court players, who struggle to adapt to other surfaces.

For example, when the American hard court season comes up, some players get into the events with their clay court records, but they find it challenging to handle the bouncier, faster, and hard courts. Learn how your players cope. It’s so important to know which players like which type of court.

Fatigue or Rust

Point number three in our tennis betting advice. Be careful when looking at players returning from a long lay-off or who have done well in the previous week’s tournaments. Players returning from injury or a break are never at their sharpest, especially in early-round matches.

In contrast, players who have won the previous weeks often struggle – most times, they are tired mentally and physically and might have excessively celebrated! So, make sure you keep a careful eye on the time since their last match and their recent form.

Think Styles

You love watching tennis, right? So, here’s part four of our basic tennis betting advice. Learn about players’ strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find players who have strong serves as a vital part of their game, while others will try and win points through rallies.

If you have a weak server versus someone good at returning serve, you have a great matchup for a winning tennis bet.

Think Odds

Sometimes it’s worth searching around for the best odds for a match. Our final piece of tennis betting advice is to make sure you look around and see where you can find the best odds. Opening accounts in more than one place is usually advisable.

That will be all for now; thanks for reading, and good luck with your bets!

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