The Luck of the Irish

We know that as a people the Irish love a bet or wager but did you know that it is estimated that the Irish punters gamble in excess of 5 billion Euros a year which equates to around 14 million Euros a day!

It is also estimated that, on average, 2% of Irish adults gamble on a regular basis with 12% visiting their local bookies each week, and these statistics tell us that the Irish gambling industry has seen some healthy growth over the last decade or so even though it is still lagging behind some of the other English speaking and European countries.

The growth of spending within Ireland has actually forced numerous gambling brands to focus their attention onto the Irish gambling market with several businesses offering Ireland-specific bonuses and betting tips.

However, there are some that are still unsure whether online gambling is legal in Ireland with many still not understanding the effects of the Betting (Amendment) Act which was passed in 2015.

But the good news is that yes, thanks to the above act online gambling in Ireland is legal. Doing business in Ireland makes all remote operators regardless of where and whether they are online or not subject to Irish licensing and taxation laws.

The most popular betting markets in Ireland are horse racing (no surprise there) greyhound racing, Gaelic football, football and hurling.

Poker also remains a very popular game in Ireland with its major tournament being one of the biggest of its kind in the world, and today we can see many online casino sites offering great quality poker rooms as well as some of the best casino bonuses list.

The Irish also appear to love their bingo and slots games with approximately 44% of the adult population playing on these games regularly. Greyhound racing and horse racing have a very long history in Ireland and still enjoy a massive following who like to have a sports bet on their fancy. So much interest has been generated through sports betting that the Irish government take a great deal of interest in their regulation and popularity dues to the levies and taxes generated from them

Gaelic football in terms of match attendance proves to be the most popular sort in Ireland with the last decade or so showing a noticeable growth in match attendance. Spread bets are one of the popular wagers made at such games.

In fact, the future of online gambling in Ireland seems to be a bright one, and as it continues to grow it is estimated that the industry within Ireland could be worth in the region of 7.5 billion Euros to the economy by 2020.


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