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Horse racing – List of 2yo’s given priority to race before Royal Ascot

Here is the list of 2yo’s that have been nominated by their trainers to get priority to race in the first few weeks of the new horse racing fixture list.

By this time of the year, there would normally have been around 700 individual two-year-old performances. These performances would have helped determine the horses which would be of sufficient quality to compete at Royal Ascot. Bearing this in mind, a number of races have been programmed specifically for two-year-olds after resumption – and these races have been given priority to divide once or sometimes twice – but despite this it is anticipated that there will only be capacity for around half of that number of runners ahead of Royal Ascot.

In order to get into Ascot races, a previous run is likely to be necessary and the chances of getting one would normally be decided by random ballot.

Under the policy, trainers were asked to identify specific horses that they would like to see given priority against elimination from any division of the currently programmed two-year-old races. The offering of priority from elimination is intended to help trainers with two-year-olds that they feel are Ascot prospects ensure that they have a chance to get into a race in the first eight days upon resumption, so as to potentially be able to go on to Ascot.

The number of horses that could be selected by any trainer was based on their previous record with two-year-olds in Open Maiden or Novice races as well as the number of runners that they have had in Royal Ascot two-year-old races in the last three years. The number of priority nominations resulting from this formula is relatively small per trainer, with 126 nominations spread across 50 trainers. This means that we would expect a further 225 places to be available in two-year-old races in the first eight days for horses that have not been prioritised by their trainers, and qualification for these places will be by random ballot.

Following further consultation with horsemen representatives it was agreed that trainers that did not qualify for priority selections through this formula were invited to make up to one selection should they feel that they have a horse that they consider to be an Ascot prospect.

Adrian Nicholls Mamba Wamba (IRE)
Alan King Painless Potter (IRE)
Amanda Perrett Kodi Kub (IRE)
Andrew Balding Bright Devil (IRE)
Andrew Balding Tactical (GB)
Archie Watson Science (IRE)
Archie Watson Proclaimed (GB)
Archie Watson Identified (GB)
Archie Watson You’ve Charmed Me (IRE)
Archie Watson Ocean Star (IRE)
Archie Watson Igotatext (IRE)
Archie Watson Mighty Gurkha (IRE)
Ben Haslam Macho Pride (IRE)
Bill Turner Weymouth Bay (IRE)
Brian Ellison Bonne Vitesse (IRE)
Brian Meehan Talbot (IRE)
Bryan Smart Unleash (GB)
Charles Hills Give ‘Em The Slip (GB)
Charles Hills Snash (IRE)
Charles Hills Mutarabes (IRE)
Charlie Appleby Creative Force (IRE)
Charlie Appleby Magical Land (IRE)
Charlie Appleby Modern News (GB)
Charlie Appleby Sunset Memory (GB)
Charlie Appleby Sky Angel (IRE)
Charlie Appleby Fanciful Tale (IRE)
Charlie Appleby Fabrizio (GB)
Charlie Appleby Noble Dynasty (GB)
Charlie Fellowes Golden Bear (IRE)
Christopher Mason Glamorous Breeze (GB)
Clive Cox Get It (GB)
Clive Cox Bright Armor (IRE)
Clive Cox Nando Parrado (GB)
Daniel Kubler Bowland Park (GB)
David Evans Plum Run (IRE)
David Loughnane Ex. Money Note (GB)
Dominic Ffrench Davis Just A Jeroboam (GB)
Donald McCain Nacho (IRE)
Ed Dunlop Trixie Mitskie (GB)
Ed Walker Peerless (IRE)
Eve Johnson Houghton Enduring (GB)
Gay Kelleway Mehmo (IRE)
George Baker Magical Diva (FR)
George Boughey Astimegoesby (IRE)
George Margarson Berrtie (GB)
George Scott Bungledupinblue (IRE)
Grant Tuer Mokaman (GB)
Harry Dunlop Dream Chaser (FR)
Heather Main Lady Menilly (IRE)
Hughie Morrison Rooster (GB)
Hugo Palmer Lockdown (GB)
Hugo Palmer London Palladium (GB)
Iain Jardine Bulls Aye (IRE)
Ismail Mohammed Glowing For Gold (GB)
Ivan Furtado Gems Jewel (GB)
J. S. Moore Wholelotafun (IRE)
James Ferguson Zoetic (GB)
James Given Sparkling Perry (GB)
James Grassick Living On A Dream (GB)
James Tate Sense Of Romance (IRE)
Jamie Osborne Balavad (IRE)
Jane Chapple-Hyam On My Way (GB)
John Gosden Saeiqa (GB)
John Gosden The Circus (GB)
John Gosden Willabel (USA)
John Gosden Third Kingdom (GB)
John Gosden Rainbow Fire (IRE)
John Gosden Sarsaparilla (GB)
John Gosden Existent (GB)
John Quinn Virginia Plane (GB)
K. R. Burke Significantly (GB)
K. R. Burke Tapeten Toni (FR)
K. R. Burke Inhaler (GB)
K. R. Burke Dandalla (IRE)
Keith Dalgleish Tatsthewaytodoit (GB)
Keith Dalgleish Peely Wally (IRE)
Kevin Ryan Sound Reason (GB)
Kevin Ryan Signora Princess (GB)
Les Eyre Fields Of Berries (GB)
Liam Bailey Harswell Prince (GB)
Marco Botti Angels Will Rise (GB)
Marcus Tregoning Molhim (USA)
Mark Johnston Pelekai (GB)
Mark Johnston Eye Of Heaven (GB)
Mark Johnston Mutazawwed (IRE)
Mark Johnston Baileys Breathless (GB)
Mark Johnston Army Of India (IRE)
Mark Johnston Naamoos (FR)
Mark Johnston Ventura Vision (FR)
Mark Johnston High Peak (IRE)
Mark Johnston Julie Johnston (GB)
Mark Johnston Thunder Of Niagara (IRE)
Mark Johnston Meshakel (IRE)
Mark Loughnane Meant Two B (IRE)
Michael Appleby Katie’s Kitten (GB)
Michael Attwater Lothian (GB)
Michael Bell Vedute (IRE)
Michael Bell The Hulk (GB)
Mick Channon Chattri (GB)
Mick Channon Mahale (GB)
Mike Murphy Steely Queen (GB)
Milton Harris Tempah (GB)
Owen Burrows Kawaalees (GB)
Paul Cole Valpolicella (GB)
Paul Cole General Lee (IRE)
Paul D’Arcy Power On (IRE)
Paul George Wind Rider (IRE)
Phillip Makin Muker (IRE)
Ralph Beckett Time Scale (GB)
Ralph Beckett William Bligh (GB)
Richard Fahey Internationaldream (IRE)
Richard Fahey Strike Red (IRE)
Richard Fahey Samara Bay (IRE)
Richard Fahey Double Dealing (IRE)
Richard Fahey Imperial Butterfly (IRE)
Richard Fahey Patsy Fagan (IRE)
Richard Fahey No School Today (IRE)
Richard Fahey Ventura Mutiny (GB)
Richard Hannon Pure Dreamer (GB)
Richard Hannon Cooperation (IRE)
Richard Hannon Host (IRE)
Richard Hannon Kool Moe Dee (IRE)
Richard Hannon Happy Romance (IRE)
Richard Hannon Risque (IRE)
Richard Hannon Ventura Tormenta (IRE)
Richard Hughes Nelson Gay (IRE)
Richard Hughes Aussie Stormer (IRE)
Richard Spencer Wings Of A Dove (IRE)
Robert Cowell Isle Of Lismore (IRE)
Rod Millman Furlong Factor (GB)
Roger Teal Gussy Mac (IRE)
Roger Varian Dark Lion (IRE)
Roger Varian Saint Lawrence (IRE)
Roger Varian Setarhe (IRE)
Roger Varian Sardinia Sunset (IRE)
Roger Varian Rumaythah (IRE)
Saeed bin Suroor Mashmoom (GB)
Saeed bin Suroor Fast Start (GB)
Saeed bin Suroor Future Vision (GB)
Saeed bin Suroor Al Watan (IRE)
Seamus Mullins Roseacre (IRE)
Simon & Ed Crisford Jadoomi (FR)
Simon & Ed Crisford Zamaani (IRE)
Simon & Ed Crisford Star Cactus (USA)
Simon Dow Twentysharesofgrey (GB)
Sir Mark Prescott Bt Chill Out (IRE)
Sir Mark Todd L’Operateur (GB)
Steph Hollinshead Velocistar (IRE)
Stuart Williams Baby Sham (GB)
Tim Easterby Winter Power (IRE)
Tom Clover Soldierpoy (GB)
Tom Dascombe Andronicus Beau (IRE)
Tom Dascombe Lauded (GB)
Tom Dascombe Fools Rush In (IRE)
Tom Dascombe Scarlet Bear (IRE)
Tom Ward Bilandy (GB)
William Haggas Sacred (GB)
William Haggas Yazaman (IRE)
William Haggas Currency Exchange (IRE)
William Haggas Light Refrain (GB)
William Haggas Golden Melody (IRE)
William Jarvis Porfin (IRE)
William Stone Little Sunflower (GB)

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