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How To Care For Your Horse After Exercise

How To Care For Your Horse After The Races

For many years, horse racing has been a huge part of English culture. From Royal Ascot to the Grand National, there have been several race-winning horses that have lived long happy lives alongside their amazing racing careers. But how do you make sure your horse is getting the best possible level of care? In this article, we will be providing you with some simple tips for some of the ways that you can begin to care for your horse following a race. 

Consider The Sleeping Environment 

When you are caring for a racehorse after a race, it is important to make sure that the sleeping environment is the best that it can be. Not only should it be completely mucked out, but it should also have shelter from flies, winds and even direct sunlight. In addition to the barn or stable that they are sleeping in, it is important to accommodate for the likes of blankets, turnout rugs and other waterproof coats when the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

Maintain Regular Grooming Regimes 

In addition to providing the right sleeping arrangements for your horse, it is important to make sure that you are also providing the right grooming regime for your horse. By having a grooming regime alongside a veterinarian, you can ensure that your shoeing is maintained as well as the coat being at its best. It is important to make sure that every aspect of your horse is well-groomed as a penalty could be given to the owner and the trainer if the horse is not prepared for the race. 

Ensure Your Horse Is Fed And Watered Correctly 

When the temperature of the skin following the race has been cooled down, it is then time to ensure that your horse is fed and watered correctly. It is a common misconception that allowing your horse to drink water straight after a race can lead to colic, however, this is not the case. By allowing them access to water following a race, you can prevent overheating and dehydration and ensure their overall health. It is important to note however that cold water could be avoided, especially during the winter months as this can lead to buckets freezing over. 

Ensure Your Horse Has Resting Time

The final way that you can care for a horse after a race is to ensure that they have the right amount of time to rest. Typically following a race, it is advised to leave a minimum of 2 days for your horse to relax. When this relaxing period is over, you can then begin the training regime of your horse for the next race. You must stick to a clear and concise regime when you are beginning training for your horse as this will ensure it is in the best possible condition by race day. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can begin to ensure that your horse is in the best possible condition not only on race day but throughout the training camp for the next big race. 

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