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Investec Joins Forces with EPCR: A New Era for Club Rugby

In a monumental stride for club rugby, the European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) and Investec have unveiled a dynamic partnership that is set to reshape the landscape of the sport.

The announcement, made on Thursday, 31st August, marks Investec as the title partner of the prestigious Investec Champions Cup – a revered tournament renowned for its global appeal and unparalleled competitiveness. With this collaboration spanning the next five years, rugby enthusiasts can anticipate a series of transformative changes that will leave an indelible mark on the game.

Elevating Club Rugby to New Heights

The Investec Champions Cup, already recognized as the world’s foremost club rugby competition, is about to witness a new era of growth and excellence. EPCR and Investec’s partnership will herald the dawn of a series of innovative initiatives aimed at propelling club rugby to unprecedented heights. The tournament’s spotlight will remain on the top eight clubs from each of the three leagues: Premiership Rugby, the Top 14, and the United Rugby Championship. This expansive representation encompasses clubs not only from Europe but also from the dynamic rugby landscape of South Africa.

A Sustainable Journey towards Excellence

A core pillar of this partnership is a steadfast commitment to sustainability. EPCR and Investec are unwavering in their resolve to transform the Investec Champions Cup into a carbon-neutral event. This ambitious endeavor aligns seamlessly with EPCR’s recently launched sustainability strategy, impACT. By adopting eco-friendly practices and embracing innovation, the partners aim to set a new standard for environmentally conscious sporting events.

Empowering Women’s Rugby and Financial Innovation

Beyond sustainability, the EPCR-Investec partnership brings forth a resolute focus on empowering women’s rugby. By investing in and advancing the women’s game, the collaborators seek to champion gender equality within the sport. Additionally, a pioneering drive to develop innovative financial solutions and wellness programs tailored to players will be a cornerstone of this partnership. This holistic approach demonstrates a commitment to players’ well-being both on and off the field.

A Legacy of Excellence in Sponsorship

Investec’s alignment with EPCR marks a triumphant return to the world of rugby sponsorship. Building upon its storied history of innovative partnerships across men’s and women’s sports, arts, and culture, Investec’s involvement in rugby has been truly transformative. From supporting England Rugby to contributing to the Investec International Rugby Academy in South Africa, Investec’s legacy is one of elevating sports to new heights.

Embracing Excellence and Vision

The Investec Champions Cup epitomizes the pursuit of excellence, energy, and exceptional talent. This renewed partnership between EPCR and Investec signifies a shared vision to cultivate enduring relationships and deliver extraordinary outcomes. As the world watches and anticipates the unfolding of this promising collaboration, rugby enthusiasts can only look forward to a new era of exceptional sporting achievement.

In the words of EPCR Chairman, Dominic McKay, “Our combined passion for the game will enable us to deliver our new ambitious strategy for the Investec Champions Cup as we seek to grow our audiences further around the world in an intentional and sustainable way.” This sentiment encapsulates the profound impact that this partnership is poised to make on the world of club rugby.

With Investec Chief Marketing Officer, Abey Mokgwatsane, stating, “The Investec Champions Cup embodies Out of the Ordinary sporting achievement and is a fantastic platform to further innovate in diversity, sustainability, and financial solutions,” the stage is set for an extraordinary journey that will leave an indelible mark on the world of rugby.

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