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Betting and Entertainment: The Fusion of Sports and Digital Gaming

People have always loved watching athletes in their element.

They have cheered them on from the sidelines, bought their merchandise, and done what they can to support their favorite teams and players.

And for many of these fans, living vicariously through these athletes was the norm. After all, they did not have the talent to play in the big leagues like them. So, all they could do was watch and hope their favorites lived out their wildest fantasies. But then, something changed – average fans could now be part of the sports world in a much bigger capacity. We look at how this situation has evolved:

The Evolution of Sports and Digital Gaming

When the internet was a fairly new concept, many had difficulty imagining the future. But soon enough, it became clear that this new technology would set a pace that would benefit sports fans in the following ways:

1. Sports Betting

Fans could now back their wagers with money. Before the internet, few fans had access to bookies due to geographical limitations. Additionally, the wager costs and payouts were not always promising. But with the internet giving rise to bookies like Bet365, fans could support their teams with wagers. And they cost them less than physical bookies, allowed them to make money on the side, and enabled them to foster their love for the game. Sports betting has become a billion-dollar industry that attracts more punters daily. And it now includes additional features like mobile apps, streaming sites, live betting, micro-bets, and more. It’s a gift that keeps giving and has contributed to increased interest in worldwide sports.

2. Fantasy Sports

Besides placing wagers on their favorites, fans soon realized they could also be athletes. Fantasy sports games allowed them to play games, build on their skills, and compete in tournaments. So, fans used their knowledge to further their fantasy careers. And as luck would have it, the internet growth allowed fans to turn these fantasies into careers. Many started playing professional sports games and were lucky enough to use this as a source of revenue in the following ways:

They could compete in tournaments and get paid for winning,
They could share their gaming knowledge through blogs and vlogs, and
They could advertise merchandise, e.g., gaming gear and clothes.

Good players became so popular that they also started garnering fans worldwide. This industry has grown to be part of the evolving e-sports industry worth millions of dollars. It allows punters to wager on these virtual games and make money from correct predictions. And it is now a recognized career worldwide, with many young players spending hours honing their skills to make it in this competitive field.

Why the Change?

Much of this evolution owes to the following:

More people have access to the internet: Internet connections have become more widespread and faster over the years. Thus, fans can access information about sports and gaming quickly.
Smartphones have become cheaper over the years: In the past, gaming and sports were available on desktops. But now, smartphone manufacturers have increased, enabling fans to purchase devices with a few tens of dollars. This growth has been especially evident in developing countries which have witnessed the highest increase in gaming in the last decade.
Games have become more available in stores: Most game developers have eased access to games by launching them in Android and iOS stores. So, fans just need to download the games and start playing without incurring too many costs.

The increased interest in micro-betting and betting exchanges has made wagering on sports and fantasy games even more accessible. And with the metaverse launching soon, the link between sports and gaming will only grow stronger. And with VR headsets now costing less than when they first launched, most people will hop on this new trend.

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