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Slovakia look for play-off to be postponed

Slovakia have looked for the upcoming Euro 2020 with Ireland to be postponed. This is of course due to the coronavirus.

Mick McCarthy’s side are due to travel to Bratislava on March 26th. The winners of this tie will play either Bosnia or Northern Ireland in the final. This will be for a right to play at Euro 2020. However, Slovakian government officials have now announced a closing of the countries borders expect to those from Poland to try and limit the spread of the virus.

In a statement, Peter Lazarov, a ministry spokesperson said, “No foreign citizens will be allowed to enter Slovakia”. He continued, “At the border crossings with Poland, only Polish citizens will be allowed to enter the country,”. Schools and airports will also be shut.

The Slovakian Football Association released a statement on their official website stating, “The SFZ respects all measures already taken by state authorities and institutions in relation to the spread of Covid-19”. It continued, “As the situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus and the number of infections with this virus is increasing in Slovakia and also in neighbouring European countries. The SFZ has decided along with the Central Crisis Staff in line with measures published by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic on social events to send a letter to UEFA”.

They said the Slovak Football Association takes full responsibility for all decisions relating to the Ireland v Slovakia game. It said it not want to risk the health of all concerned. It is obviously now looking increasingly likely that this game will not go ahead in my opinion. If it does go ahead it will be behind closed doors. But even at that I can’t see it going ahead unless there a significant improvement in the next weeks. Personally, I feel it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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