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Groupings and Fixtures for 2020-21 Nations Cup Football

The draw for the groups in the 2020-21 Nations Cup Football was straightforward because of the way the leagues and pots happened. There were no instances where teams who need to be kept apart – which sometimes happens for political or other reasons – can be drawn against each other.

League A for 2020-21 Nations Cup Football

Republic of Ireland will face Wales Bulgaria and Finlan

England drew Belgium, Denmark and Iceland

Scotland drew Israel, Slovakia and Czech Republic

Northern Ireland face Austria, Romania and Norway

When are the games?

Ireland’s fixtures
Thurs Sep 3: Bulgaria v Ireland
Sun Sep 6: Ireland v Finland
Sat Oct 10: Ireland v Wales
Tues Oct 13: Finland v Ireland
Fri Nov 13: Wales v Ireland
Mon Nov 16: Ireland v Bulgaria

Matchday 1: 3-5 September 2020

Matchday 2: 6-8 September 2020

Matchday 3: 8-10 October 2020

Matchday 4: 11-13 October 2020

Matchday 5: 12-14 November 2020

Matchday 6: 15-17 November 2020

Finals: 2, 3, 6 June 2021

League C relegation and World Cup 2022 play-offs: 24, 25, 28, 29 March 2022*

*in the unlikely event one of the teams who finish bottom in a League C group also qualify for the World Cup play-offs, the relegation play-offs will be cancelled and the two teams with the fewest points relegated instead

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