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Tips On How To Know Which Horse Will Win The Race

Do you have difficulty picking horses to win a race? Have you been losing bets on horse racing? If the odds have never been in your favor, it’s necessary to review your approach.

While placing a bet on a horse race, you need to analyze the races from different angles. Putting various strategic pieces together will enable you to get the entire picture of the race. This tvg guide to the belmont may help you understand it better.

Knowing the fastest horse is not all that you should do. You’ll have to consider certain factors to understand how each horse will perform in the race. Below are some tips to help you know which horse wins the race.

Do Not Just Bet On Your Favorite

Betting on a horse race is a puzzle because it’s an unpredictable activity. Based on statistics, the favorite horses come first, about 30% in races. It means that staking all your money on your favorite will give you fewer chances of winning.

The secret here is to look for the horse that offers more value than the one that’s likely to win. You will need to do your study before picking your selections. The more comprehensive the research, the easier and more enjoyable betting will be for you—knowledge, they say, is Power!  

Understand The Sign Of A Confident Horse

Understanding the signs of a confident horse is not something one can do while sitting at home and watching the races on TV. Being present at the event will make you pay more attention to the pre-race attitude of the horses and know how they are reacting. For example, a fretting, jittery horse will show a poor performance than a confident and calm close runner with a fine shiny coat.

Knowing The Trainers

The horse’s trainer is as important as the horse you are choosing. You would be surprised if the stable winners per month were broken down; you will see these winning patterns repeat themselves. For instance, Donald McClain frequently wins at Bangor, while Nicky Henderson frequently wins at Newbury.

Trainers tend to have different records on different lanes. Those who have won before will know just what to do to win again, while some will be experienced in preparing runners for specific courses.

Looking into trainers’ statistics will help you know more about a horse and its trainer. Poor trainer records in certain courses will inform you not to bet on that race as it does not offer value for money.

Knowing Your Jockey

Getting a massive amount of betting insight and understanding horses to win a race means getting to know the racehorse Jockey is essential. As trainers are good with various courses, jockeys have their favorite positions. Ryan Moore’s favorite position is Ascot, while Ruby Walsh has been the leading Jockey at Cheltenham numerous times.

Are you wondering why jockeys do well at specific positions? Here it is, trainers are more likely to pair the strongest horse with the best riders. It’s crucial to learn and understand trainer combinations and specific jockeys. Sometimes, in contests, trainers tend to field more than a runner. Knowing who the stable Jockey is will help you know which horse is the leading hope of the yard.

Consider The Distance

Another crucial factor to consider in deducing a winner is the distance of the race. It’s necessary to pay attention to closers that stretch out and front runners that shorten up in the distance. On flat and over obstacles, horses tend to limit how long they can race before losing stamina. Selecting a horse with tested strength can significantly benefit you.

Understand Horse Racing Terminologies

Compared to other sports globally, horse racing has tons of terminologies and phrases one needs to understand to get a smooth betting journey. Some of which are listed below:

Good Rating Figures: If you can spot a horse that enjoyed and raced its best in the last race, it could be easy to know the winner of the next.

Race Comments: This perception can be considered invaluable. If you are searching online, try looking for horses that are said “quickened” or “it ran on well,” then you will find a young horse (colt or filly) in fine shape.

Change In Class: Trainers sometimes may decide to put weaker horses in some high-class races hoping for a miracle. So when considering a runner with a good record, check its opposition’s quality.


Betting on horse racing is fun and mind-bending at the same time. For beginners, to get the best from horse betting, you’ll have to take time to learn and understand how the horse race event works. You should also know how to compare racehorses’ forms.

Also, applying the techniques mentioned above should allow you to earn more in upcoming horse racing events.

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