Antrim v Meath & Down v Laois – Preview and Starting teams



Antrim’s Strong Performance Leads to Semi-Finals Clash

Antrim’s journey in the Tailteann Cup has been marked by strong performances and notable victories. Topping their group, they showcased their prowess with wins over Leitrim, Wexford, and Fermanagh. In the quarterfinal, they continued their winning streak by defeating Carlow. Now, Antrim faces a formidable challenge in the form of Meath, a team that has been dominant throughout the competition.

Meath’s Unbeaten Run Sets the Stage for an Exciting Encounter

Meath has been in exceptional form, finishing at the top of their group with wins over Tipperary, Waterford, and Down. Their comprehensive victory against Wexford in the quarterfinal further solidified their status as strong contenders in the Tailteann Cup. With a history of success in championship encounters against Antrim, Meath enters the semi-finals with confidence, aiming to continue their unbeaten run and secure a spot in the final.

Clash: Antrim vs Meath

Antrim and Meath have a limited championship history, with their last meeting taking place in 2005 when Meath emerged victorious in an All-Ireland qualifier at Casement Park. Their only other championship encounter occurred in the 1951 All-Ireland semi-final, which Meath won. As these two teams meet again in the semi-finals, the stage is set for an intriguing clash, with Antrim seeking to overturn past results and make their mark against the formidable Meath side.

Starting teams for Meath v Antrim

Meath team to play Antrim in Tailteann Cup semi-final
Meath team to play Antrim in Tailteann Cup semi-final
Antrim team to play meath in Tailteann Cup semi-final
Antrim team to play meath in Tailteann Cup semi-final



Down’s Resilience Brings Them to the Semi-Finals

Down’s journey in the Tailteann Cup has been characterized by resilience and determination. While their group stage results included wins against Waterford and Tipperary, they faced a setback against Meath. However, they quickly regrouped, securing a victory over Longford in the preliminary quarterfinal and triumphing over Cavan in the quarterfinal. Down’s ability to bounce back and deliver strong performances positions them as formidable contenders in the semi-finals.

Laois’ Challenging Path Leads to the Semi-Finals

Laois encountered a challenging path to the semi-finals, with mixed results in the group stage. Draws against Offaly and London, along with a defeat by Cavan, tested their resolve. Nevertheless, Laois showcased their tenacity by prevailing over Fermanagh in the preliminary quarterfinal and emerging victorious against Limerick in the quarterfinal. Despite their ups and downs, Laois has proven their ability to compete at a high level, setting the stage for an intriguing clash against Down.

Renewed Rivalry: Down vs Laois

Down and Laois have a history of competitive encounters, with their most recent championship meeting occurring in the 2009 All-Ireland qualifiers, where Down secured a victory. Their previous clash in the 2008 qualifiers also resulted in a close contest, with Down emerging as the winners. As these teams meet again in the semi-finals, anticipation builds for a renewed rivalry and an exciting battle between two determined sides vying for a spot in the Tailteann Cup final.

Starting Teams for Down v Laois

Laois team to play Down
Laois team to play Down
Down team to play Laois
Down team to play Laois

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