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Cáit Devane’s amazing hurley change

Is this the fastest hurley change ever? In the Tipperary senior camogie championship semi-final. Cáit Devane of Clonoulty-Rossmore can be seen spinning out of a group of players and away from her Burgess-Duharra opponents.

The Premier County ace races down the wing. She then drops her hurley to the ground. Then in the blink of an eye, she grabs one thrown in by a selector and takes a shot. It’s a scarcely believable passage of play.  The video clip was captured by Sports Focus Photography. The clip has gone viral on Social Media. Sit back and admire the most audacious piece of skill you will see this year.

Devance was an All-Star nominee in 2019. Tipperary’s attacking star notched another impressive total of 0-37 this year which earned her a second consecutive All-Stars nomination.


“I’m completely blown away by the coverage it’s gotten,” said Devane.

“But I suppose the fact that it got onto social media, that people are hanging to see anything to do with sport . . . They just want to see sport, any kind of sport.

“It’s fantastic, I find it funny because it was just an instinctive thing on my part.”

In another amazing twist, it was reavailed that Cait’s brother John had passed her the hurl.

“When I broke the hurley I had, I saw him and beckoned him on. Then I went into the ruck and got the ball.

“I turned out, away from the ruck, and he said, ‘I have it, but I don’t know what to do with it’, and I said, ‘throw it’.

“We had a conversation out there. A very quick conversation.”

As a result, opposition defenses will be on high alert from now on.

Certainly, one this brother and sister act practiced at home!

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