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Key Insights from Teneo Sport and Sponsorship Index 2023

Katie Taylor Tops Admiration Chart for Seventh Consecutive Year

Katie Taylor secures Ireland’s Most Admired Athlete position for the seventh year, commanding a staggering 20% admiration. Jonathan Sexton and Bundee Aki share the second spot with 9% each.

Andy Farrell’s Irish Rugby Team Crowned Team of The Year

With an impressive 29% of the vote, Andy Farrell’s Ireland men’s rugby team claims the prestigious Team of The Year title. The Republic of Ireland Women’s Football Team secures the second position with 24%, following their World Cup debut.

Defining Sporting Moments of 2023

The Ireland men’s rugby team’s Six Nations Grand Slam triumph and Katie Taylor’s victory over Chantelle Cameron tie for the Greatest Sporting Achievements of 2023, both capturing 25% of the vote.

Anticipated Sporting Events: 2024 Paris Olympics Takes Center Stage

The upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics garners the most anticipation with 21%, followed by the Ireland men’s rugby team’s return to action in the Six Nations at 17%, and Euro 2024 in Germany at 15%.

Ireland’s Favorite Sports: Gaelic Games Lead

Gaelic Games retain the top spot as Ireland’s Favourite Sport with 21%, closely followed by Soccer at 20% and Rugby at 14%. Tennis and Athletics tie at 4% in the fourth position.

The 2023 Teneo Sport and Sponsorship Index (TSSI) reveals Ireland’s continued adoration for Katie Taylor, the rising popularity of the Ireland men’s rugby team, and the enduring allure of Gaelic Games among the Irish populace.

Conducted by Teneo’s Sports Advisory team and iReach Insights, the TSSI, a comprehensive 1,000-person nationally representative survey, examines public sentiment toward sports and sporting heroes. This survey represents the general public’s viewpoints rather than specifically sports fans and was carried out from November 23rd to December 12th, 2022, marking the 14th edition of this comprehensive research.

Team of The Year 2023:

In a year marked by the Rugby World Cup triumph and a Six Nations victory, Andy Farrell’s Ireland men’s rugby team rightfully claims the spotlight, securing 29% of the vote for the coveted Team of the Year title.

Most Admired Athlete:

Katie Taylor’s exceptional victory over Chantelle Cameron elevates her to Ireland’s Most Admired Athlete for an unprecedented seventh consecutive year, capturing a staggering 20% of admiration. Following closely are Jonathan Sexton and Bundee Aki, tied at 9% each.

Greatest Sporting Achievement:

The year 2023 witnesses two remarkable feats tying for Greatest Sporting Achievement – Katie Taylor’s triumph over Chantelle Cameron and the Ireland men’s rugby team’s Grand Slam win, both capturing 25% of the vote each.

Most Anticipated Sporting Event: 2024:

Anticipation peaks for the 2024 Paris Olympics at 21%, showcasing the excitement among sports enthusiasts. The Ireland men’s rugby team’s return in the Six Nations follows at 17%, with Euro 2024 in Germany at 15%.

Ireland’s Favorite Sports:

Gaelic Games maintain their stronghold as Ireland’s Favourite Sport at 21%, closely pursued by Soccer at 20% and Rugby at 14%. Tennis and Athletics share the fourth spot at 4%.

Rob Pearson, Head of Sponsorship, Teneo Ireland:


“From a springtime Grand Slam to Katie Taylor’s recent heroic victory, we have been absolutely spoiled by the success of Irish athletes and teams in 2023. The sheer amount and variety of these successes and the impact they had on the nation is reflected in the TSSI findings.


“We are running out of ways to adequately describe the phenomenon that is Katie Taylor, Ireland’s Most Admired Athlete for a seventh successive year. She is without doubt one of our greatest ever sports people, an inspiration to many and a role model to boys and girls across the country.


“The Rugby World Cup was viewed by millions so it’s no surprise to see men’s rugby team are voted Team of the Year, and the individual contributions of Bundee Aki, Peter O’Mahony and the retiring Jonathan Sexton were also called out by the public. Republic of Ireland captain Katie McCabe makes her entry on to the list of most admired athletes and as the team builds on its World Cup debut, it’s unlikely to be long before we see other players feature prominently on the list.


“There is little to split Gaelic Games and soccer as the country’s favourite sport, but what is most interesting is the breadth of sports being enjoyed by the nation. Outstanding track and field performances by Irish teams and individuals in 2023 have placed athletics fourth on the list of favourite sports and with the Paris Olympics the most anticipated event of next year there is a lot to look forward to.”


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