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Weekend of anger awaits over extortionate price of GAAGO

The current issues surrounding GAAGO, the online streaming service that allows fans to watch Gaelic Games from anywhere in the world and in Ireland is going to explode this weekend.

One of the most pressing concerns is the high cost of the service. As an example to stream Galway v Wexford this weekend is €12, which nearly as expensive as attending the game in person at €15 and many fans find this totally unreasonable.

While a season pass is available for €79, this option may not appeal to those who only want to watch their county’s games.

Another issue with GAAGO is the accessibility. The service is only available through an app on a smartphone or a laptop, making it difficult for older people or those without smartphones to use.

Additionally, viewers cannot watch the games on a larger screen or TV unless they can figure out how to stream limiting the viewing options.

Due to GAAGO having the rights it’s the only option for fans who want to watch games this Saturday. This will frustrate many fans who will feel that the GAA should work to make their games more accessible to viewers. It’s important to recognize that the GAA is run on a volunteer basis, and players are not paid. Charging high fees for streaming the games may seem to contradict the spirit of the sport.

There were huge complaints about the deal with Sky Sports but GAAGO is far more expensive and harder access.

In conclusion, the GAAGO service offers fans a way to watch Gaelic Games from anywhere in the world, but it’s important to address the concerns surrounding the high cost, accessibility, and limitations on viewing options. Saturday should be interesting on social media.

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