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8 Unparalleled Benefits of Roll-On Grass for Sports Pitches

The lush, verdant green of a sports pitch is more than just a playing field. It serves as a canvas for players to illustrate their skills, a platform for epic contests, and a symbol of the spirit of the game. Ensuring this ‘canvas’ is in prime condition is crucial, and this is where roll-on grass, also known as turf, excels. Keep reading to discover why roll-on grass is now the number one choice for sports pitches.

1) Creating an impeccable playing field

Among the numerous advantages associated with roll-on grass, the creation of a seamless playing field is arguably the most striking. Conventionally grown or seeded sports fields may suffer from inconsistencies due to varied growth rates, weather-induced damage, or simple wear and tear. These fields tend to develop patchy areas, divots, or uneven surfaces that may not only affect the aesthetics of the pitch but also potentially influence the outcome of a match.

Conversely, roll-on grass, mature and full-grown at the time of installation, ensures a consistent, even surface from corner to corner. This immaculate, uniform layering of the pitch offers more than just an aesthetic appeal; it provides a fair playing ground where players can focus solely on their match rather than unexpected bumps or hollows.

2) Trimming the time for readiness and utility

Time is of the essence in the sporting world, whether in the context of a ticking match clock or the turnaround time for preparing a field. Growing a field from seed can be an incredibly time-consuming process, often spanning several weeks or even months to achieve the desired density and resilience of grass. This lengthy waiting period can result in scheduling nightmares for leagues and educational institutions, often disrupting planned events and matches.

The roll-on grass technique offers a compelling solution. After laying down the turf and allowing it to establish – a process that typically takes only a few days to a couple of weeks – the pitch is ready for action. This dramatically shorter preparation time is invaluable in maintaining the continuity of sports events, ensuring the players and spectators are not left waiting.

3) Boosting reliability and resiliency

Robustness is a trait that both athletes and sports pitches need in abundance. Roll-on grass brings enhanced durability to the playing field. Thanks to carefully managed growth conditions, including stringent quality checks and the selection of robust grass species, turf displays remarkable resilience. The roots are dense and strong, the blades hardy, making it ideal for the rigours of constant sports play.

This enhanced durability translates into longer usable life for pitches, even under heavy usage. It minimises maintenance efforts, thereby reducing labour costs, and provides a reliable playing surface that can withstand everything from daily practices to high-stakes championship games.

4) Improving drainage capabilities

Roll-on grass pitches offer superior drainage capabilities, a significant advantage, especially in regions with heavy rainfall. Traditionally grown fields may suffer from water-logging, leading to cancellations or rescheduling of matches. Standing water can also damage the grass, leading to long-term pitch degradation.

The installation process of turf involves a comprehensive ground preparation phase, during which an effective drainage system is typically integrated. This ensures that water efficiently seeps into the soil rather than pooling on the surface. By reducing the chances of standing water, matches can proceed as scheduled, and the grass’s longevity is preserved, making turf a prudent choice for rainy areas.

5) Adapting to weather changes

Not all grass is created equal, especially when considering the vast range of climatic conditions globally. One of the advantages of roll-on grass is the ability to select a variety perfectly adapted to local climates. Turf suppliers offer a wide variety of grass types, each designed to thrive in different climatic zones. This allows for a field that maintains its lushness and utility year-round, irrespective of harsh summers or freezing winters. For sports complexes in regions with extreme weather, this adaptability is particularly beneficial.

6) Promoting sustainability in sports

As we strive for more sustainable practices, the choice of roll-on grass offers several ecological advantages. Turf production is a carefully controlled process that optimises water usage and reduces the need for harmful chemical pesticides. Moreover, old or worn-out turf can often be recycled, preventing unnecessary landfill waste. Like all grass, turf also aids in carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate the effects of carbon emissions.

7) Customising the playing field for different sports

Every sport has its unique needs, and the roll-on grass can cater to these variations. From different types and shades of green to varying blade lengths and densities, the options are plentiful. Whether you need shorter grass for sports like football or longer blades for golf, turf provides the flexibility to create an optimised playing surface. Even within the same pitch, different sections can be fitted with various types of grass, enhancing flexibility and usability.

8) Enjoying long-term cost-savings

An important facet to consider when evaluating the benefits of roll-on grass is its cost-effectiveness. While the initial investment might be higher than traditional seeding, the long-term savings are substantial. The robust nature of turf, with its hardiness and resistance to wear and tear, translates into fewer costs for replacement and repair.

Moreover, the expedited readiness of roll-on grass means that sports fields can be functional sooner, allowing for more games and events to be scheduled. This can potentially generate higher revenue for professional sports arenas, clubs, or schools. Additionally, savings are also made in terms of reduced maintenance. The need for watering, mowing, and applying fertilisers or pesticides is considerably less for roll-on grass when compared to traditional grass pitches.

Navigating the demands of modern sports fields presents a unique set of challenges, requiring a careful blend of practicality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Roll-on grass emerges as an innovative solution, redefining our traditional understanding of sports pitches and reimagining them as dynamic, adaptable, and environmentally responsible spaces. While the path to the perfect pitch may vary, it is clear that roll-on grass, with its distinctive advantages, is set to spearhead a greener revolution in the realm of sports surfaces.

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