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A Quick Guide to Getting a Florida MMJ Card

When medical marijuana was legalized in Florida in 2017, it seemed as if it would be plain sailing for anyone looking to acquire the substance. However, prospective patients faced a frustrating wait for the program to get off the ground. Initially, fewer than 100 doctors were trying to approve close to 100,000 people!

Eventually, the state sorted things out, and today, thousands of medical professionals are ready and waiting to help you get your Florida MMJ card. It is a straightforward process even though the state doesn’t permit online consultations yet. This article outlines the process for getting a medical marijuanas card in Florida.

Some Important Information Before You Begin

In Florida, applying for and acquiring a medical marijuana card is a rather basic process that hasn’t changed significantly in recent years. A new set of patient certification requirements went into effect in July 2021. The doctor must explain the pros and cons of using smokable weed to the patient. Furthermore, the doctor must physically examine the patient.

Patients receiving medical marijuana are required to sign a new standardized consent form. It includes information on the risks associated with smoking in close proximity to oxygen tanks. This was an important step according to a report issued by the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine. The paper showed that nearly 95% of patients with a Florida MMJ card have at least one order for smokable marijuana.

Book an Appointment with a Licensed Physician

The first step is to find an FL healthcare provider. You must get your medical records and book a consultation; the goal is to acquire written certification from a physician. You can only use a certified medical professional listed in the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. You may find an up-to-date list of Florida medical marijuana doctors on the website of the Florida Department of Health (DOH). Visit the website of the Office for the Medical Use of Marijuana (OMMU), to find a list of qualified medical professionals.

During the appointment, your physician will do a medical checkup and ask you a few questions. The purpose of this evaluation is to figure out if you are suitable for medical marijuana or not. If the physician believes you are, they will issue a written certification.

Provide the Florida Marijuana Use Registry with Your Details

Once they have determined they can grant certification, the physician will submit your name and information to the Florida Marijuana Use Registry, also known as the Compassionate Care Registry. The state’s Department of Health oversees the program. You can’t apply for your Florida MMJ card until you’ve been formally added to the Registry. Ensure you provide the doctor with a valid email to get a message containing your login credentials for the Registry.

After you have been accepted into the Registry, ensure the form is completed and send it to the OMMU. If there is something wrong with your paperwork, you must send a new application together with the required supporting documents. If you’re successful, you will be informed by email.

You can’t make a permanent purchase from a licensed MMJ dispensary (also known as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center – MMTC) until you obtain your ID card. However, you can make a temporary purchase with the approval email. Please note that to keep your certification current, you must see a Florida physician every 210 days. Your FL MMJ card is valid for a full year, however.

Final Thoughts on Getting Your Florida MMJ Card

Although it would be easier to get a medical marijuana card in Florida if online consultations were allowed, it is still a simple process. You can use a service like MMJCardOnline to help you find physicians willing to provide medical marijuana certification.

Once you have your Florida MMJ card, you can purchase a maximum of 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana every 35 days. There is also a limit to how much non-smokable MMJ you can buy. At present, you can buy products such as edibles and topicals with up to 24,500mg of THC in 70 days. Also, THC limits exist for different types of products. For example, 60mg is the limit for edibles.  


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