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Enjoying Non-contact Sports During Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a major cultural theme during the pandemic and it could mean a shift in attention toward non-contact sports. Soccer, football and basketball are still very popular, but the pro versions still involve contact with other players. Here’s a look at options for participating in sports adjusted for social distancing.

Sports in the Pandemic Era

As public parks and concert venues remained closed through the summer of 2020, Major League Baseball (MLB) games took the field after the league established new social distancing standards. The new standards called for 10,000 COVID-19 tests per week and keeping audience members 6 feet apart. Another solution on the list was disposing of a baseball after it’s been handled by multiple players. 

Baseball has a degree of social distancing already part of its field layout. Outfielders usually don’t touch anything but the ball when it comes to them. Pitchers are already in an isolated position, as are players guarding bases. Runners can experience contact with opposing players, but most baseball games have very limited contact compared with football, basketball and soccer. Cricket, which has elements of baseball and bowling, can be thought of as another mostly non-contact sport.

Tennis, bowling and golf are non-contact sports that are still commonly part of everyday life around the world. Even if players chose not to go outside, they can still play it indoors with the aid of a virtual golf simulator.Shooting pool is still a viable social distancing sport for indoor settings, as players usually position themselves on opposite sides of the pool table. For people who just want to stay physically fit, walking, running and doing exercises are easy solutions that don’t involve contact with other people.

Communities can still have sporting events while practicing social distancing at the same time. Softball is still an option because the rules can be loosened to create a completely non-contact competition. Two sets of bases 6 feet apart can be used: one set for runners and an outwardly distanced set for the opposing team. That’s just one way to alter a game to fit social distancing standards. You can even invent new games or transform traditional games with your own creative ideas.

Adapting Sports for Social Distancing

Any popular sport, including football, can be played in a way that avoids contact with others. Football, for example, doesn’t have to involve tackle, as flag football is a safer version. Two individuals can be ten yards apart and just play catch with the football. You can create other non-contact games like throwing a football through a tire or just measuring how far you can throw a football down the field.

Ultimate Social Distancing Sports: Online Gaming

Another way to have fun with sports while practicing social distancing is through online gaming. Video games, casinos, esports and sports betting were already booming prior to the pandemic. An easy way into this world is betting on sites like Royal Panda. Like the stock market or the lottery, it’s a way to make money online if things go your way.

One of the main reasons millions of people flock to online games is because the convenience of a smartphone makes it easy to play games at any time or location. People are captivated by imaginative graphics that keep getting more innovative. Soon everyone will understand what augmented reality and virtual reality experiences are all about.

The pandemic, public shutdowns and widespread emphasis on social distancing are moving the business world toward digital solutions. As more and more people work from home, they will turn to online gaming during their breaks and other downtime. While it’s still important to get physical exercise each day, online competitions among teams will likely grow as a way for people to stay socially-motivated.


Any type of physical sport can be converted to non-contact activity for the sake of practicing social distancing. Meanwhile, the digital world provides the absolute most amount of options for having fun while being responsible with social distancing. Online gaming gives you maximum opportunities to connect with sports while staying at home.

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