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Everything about the Olympic Games and Olympic Betting

From the moment we can walk without stuttering, we run. Running away from problems to running for competitions, the running race has always been an art. Speaking of the running race, did you know where and when was a first running race held? For those who don’t know, the first and the chief running race dates back to 776 B.C. It was held in none other than the most celebrated of all competition, the Olympics. 

Running race is known to be the first and the absolute competition that has ever been written down in Olympics history. Even though it was initially celebrated as a festival or a grant function; Olympics, later came to be known as the world-renowned championship event. 

The legend speaks that multiple games and sports were dedicated to Greek Gods; most of them belonged to Zeus! Since the mother of all tournaments is Greece, every fourth year, they used to conduct then festival, present day’s championship. Olympics is a stage where the best competitor would combat and win the game. 

If you are a college student or an athlete who dreams of pursuing the Olympic, you have reached the right spot, read and enlighten about the Olympic Games. Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the article, shall we?

The Story of Olympics and Rings

For those who don’t know, the Olympics were once known as the Olympiad. The name was derived from the place where initially the event took place, Greece. The story of the Olympics is vast, and it follows like this. 

  1. The first Olympics took place in the presence of King Georgios I. The venue had more than 60,000 audiences, and the ceremony had more than 280 participants coming together from 13 various nations. One fact to note here is that the sport was highly recommended for males alone.
  2. The first few major games categories comprised track and field, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, cycling, tennis, weightlifting, shooting and fencing.  
  3. Every fourth year the Olympics took place, but there were years when the festival did not occur, and once it was during the World War. 
  4. Another fact about the Olympics is their symbols. The five rings on the Olympics flag represent five continents. The ring-colours represent ‘at least’ one colour of the flags of different countries across the world.
  5. It was in the year 1920; the first international Olympics game took place with the white flag with five rings swaying high. 

Facts on Olympics

At present, the Olympics have levelled-up to become one of the most renowned international events. People across the world gather around to watch this experience in a hair raising and nail-biting episode. Over the years, there appeared many facts that revolve around the Olympics. The following post will talk more about the various points regarding the Olympics. 

1. (Silver) Gold Medals!

The first fascinating fact is how silver constitutes for the majority of the gold medals. As the name suggests, you might have believed that the gold medal is gold until you read the title. The medal was gold only till 1912 Olympics, but as the event started transforming; imposters replaced the gold medal. To excite you more, the gold medal consists of 6 grams of gold where the rest is SILVER!

2. Torch and Tradition

The second fact about the Olympic tradition is the famous torch. Did you know that the ancient Olympics did not have anything related to this tradition? Legend says that the torch was a symbol; more like a tool for the supremacy of the Nazi party. Carl Diem organized the notion and this Olympic relay was passed through various countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia.

3.  Another Gold Medal Fact

The third fact on the list is something to do with the gold medals that happened during the summer and winter Olympics. The historians say that only one participant in the Olympics had won the gold and he was none other than the American Eddie Eagan.

4. Did You Know you can Bet on Olympics?

This may be a fascinating fact in the above-given list. Yes, just like sports, you can bet on the Olympics as well. With Olympic betting there are a few restrictions and strategies you have to keep in mind. This site https://www.slotsformoney.com has much to offer when it comes to learning about Olympics. Here you can find the best betting odds and bet on various and endless games and sports.

5. Young Olympics

Another fact about the Olympics is that the young competitor to participate in the Olympics is none other than Marjorie Gestring. She also won gold medals at the game. A 14-year-old named Kusuo Kitamura has bagged a gold medal for swimming as well in the later conducted Olympics event. 


The above given are only a few of the most exciting events and facts that took place in the Olympics, that happened so far. If you are new to Olympics betting and plan to pursue your dream of becoming a world-renowned punter, the website mentioned above can guide you more.

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