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List of sports to play during Covid 19 that include social distancing

Hopefully, very soon we will be allowed play some sports . So we have a list of some of the sports that you should be able to participate during the current pandemic of Covid 19  as long as people keep social distancing.

Tennis – Tennis is obviously a sport that can be played given that people are on the opposite sides of each other. You don’t need a tennis court to play either. It could be simply just across the street from your neighbour. You could play from one foothpath to the other. Obviously you would have to bear in mind cars and that but it could certainly be played in housing estates. Two girls in Italy played Tennis on their rooftops.

Golf – Golf can obviously be played while adhering to social distancing. The main people to keep the social distance would be the caddies and other players. However, it certainly would work. In terms of professional golf it would more difficult to control obviously owing to spectators. But for leisure it is a definite one that could be played.

Croquet – Croquet is a game that could be played in your back garden. For those of you that don’t know what croquet is it is a game that involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops.It is a game that can easily be played in your back garden.

Bowls – Bowls is another game that could be played in your back garden in an adapted way. The objective is to roll biased balls close to a smaller ball called the jack.

Swimming – Swimming can obviously take place. Your local beach would be handy obviously for this. However, most beaches have been closed. However, if they are monitored closely with strict social distancing in place then it would obviously work.

Windsurfing – Windsurfing is another sport that could be done during Covid 19. It is normally only a one person thing so social distancing would be easily adhered to. Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing. Its looks like the perfect sport for after covid, with social distancing not being an issue, have a look at Globo Surf for more info on the best places to surf.

Mountain Biking – Mountain biking is again a single person sport. Of course you can go with your family providing they have their own bikes. Keeping the 2m apart would be fairly easy to do also.

Rowing – Rowing is another water based sport that could be done. Again all you need is your local river and a boat and some oars. It can be done in pairs providing the 2m distance in the boat is adhered to.

Similar water based sports like kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding could also be played as long as social distancing measure are in place.

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