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Most Iconic Pieces of NFL Gear for Real Fans

The NFL is a very cool part of American sport. You see, what people like about the NFL is that it has an element of community. This is a sport where people engage together, and so there are ways to demonstrate your devotion to the series. 

One of the things that you can do is collect pieces of gear which have been used by some of the different people who have played the game before. It’s an excellent way to prove that you are a devoted fan, and at the same time not yourself some incredible stuff that will no doubt look fantastic in your home. So let’s take a look at the best men’s NFL gear

Jerseys and Hoodies

Sometimes, when it comes to getting the absolute best from everything that you do, you need to think about some of the most basic options. Jerseys and hoodies are good examples of this. 

These are easy to acquire, with most being sold by the club themselves, and offer your way to connect with your chosen team and still look great on at the same time. They are often comfortable and practical, you can wear them to games, and it helps to represent the team as well as create a sense of community between you and everybody else. Sometimes you can get them signed, sometimes they’ll be special commemorative pieces released, but for the most part these are just fantastic pieces of gear that real fans would love to pick up.


The helmet is a very cool part of playing football, and so it would be an incredible piece of gear to collect to display in your home. It’s often the case that these helmets get bashed up and didn’t up over the course of play, and then after a certain point they become useless, and can be sold on.

These helmets are a really cool part of the history of the game, and so collecting them is something that true fans do. It’s like a connection to a particular event or match, or the life of a player. You might even go on to get the particular item that you’re looking for signed, and that adds a whole new level of connection between you and the individual who it belongs to. It’s a highly entertaining exercise, and one which people do frequently. 


One of the best things that you can have when it comes to getting the most from your experiences is a photograph of the players themselves that the club has taken and printed. While this may not necessarily fall under the heading of gear, it is a core part of the experience and one which you should definitely keep an eye out for while you’re trying to collect things as part of your quest to be a real fan. 

These photographs are tangible links between you and the team, and more often than not you can get them signed and framed. It is a nice experience for real fans because they’re often so much fun and so easy to collect. Some people even make it their mission to collect photos of themselves with all the players in the team. This is more difficult but can be ultimately worth it if you want to try and go that extra step further. 

The Whole Uniform 

So, if you’re a real fan, and you want to try and prove your dedication to the team and your commitment to the game, you might consider collecting the whole uniform, from top to bottom. This is the ultimate way of proving your loyalty and can be an incredibly rewarding experience from start to finish. There are so many reasons to do this. 

First of all, there is something about the whole uniform which is different to anything else that you can collect. It gives you a real sense of finality and improvement because there are so many different parts of the whole kit all in one place. A lot of people frame it and put it on the wall, which is nice. 

Something else which is quite common is when people attempt to get each item signed by a member of the team prior to storing the gear inside a frame. This makes the whole thing even more special as you can probably imagine because not only do you have the whole uniform, but you also have the memories which came from meeting people, and the signatures of all these incredible athletes. 

What you do is ultimately up to you, but it is not uncommon to see a lot of different people try for the uniform of one particular player, or they might just go for a generic kit. It is ultimately your choice but something like this is highly engaging because it is so unique and easy to work with. It is your experience, your journey to go on and this makes it highly engaging and easy to enjoy as a result. 

Overall, these are just some of the different options which you have at your disposal when it comes to getting the absolute most from your experiences as a fan collecting pieces of NFL gear. It’s definitely not easy for people to do but it is very rewarding if you can make it work. By stopping to take the time and explore all of the different options, you really start to see that people go on a journey when they collect all of this gear. They stop being just a casual admirer of the game and start to become real fans and it is quite nice. Your experience as an original fan is up to you. There is no guideline on what to do and no experience which has been recommended. How you explore and collect all of the different options is ultimately up to you and it makes the whole experience incredible from start to end.

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