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Nickeze: Empowering Females to Stay Playing Sport

Nickeze: Empowering Females to Stay Active Through Innovative Period Solutions

In the heart of Galway, a company called Nickeze is revolutionising the way females experience their periods, particularly in the realm of sports and physical activity. Founded by Ellie Loftus, a General and Paediatric nurse with a passion for empowering women and girls, Nickeze offers a range of innovative period products designed to provide comfort, confidence, and sustainability.

In a society where period-related concerns often hinder females from participating in sports and other physical activities, Nickeze is making a significant impact. Loftus, drawing from her nursing background and personal experiences as an athlete and mother of two girls, recognized the need for effective and sustainable period solutions. This recognition led her to establish Nickeze in Barna, Galway, with the mission of empowering females to stay active and engaged regardless of their menstrual cycle.

Nickeze’s product line includes period underwear, swimwear, and sports shorts, offering an alternative to traditional tampons and sanitary towels. These innovative products not only provide reliable protection against leaks and discomfort but also promote environmental sustainability by reducing the reliance on disposable menstrual products that contribute to landfill waste.

One of Nickeze’s core values is inclusivity, ensuring that their products cater to the diverse needs of women and girls, including those with special needs. The black interior of Nickeze’s underwear, for example, provides a discreet and stress-free solution for individuals with special needs, eliminating the association of blood with pain and injury.

Testimonials from Nickeze customers underscore the transformative effect of the company’s products on women’s lives. One mother shared how Nickeze’s period underwear has been life-changing for her teenage daughter with special needs, enabling her to participate in activities without fear or discomfort.

Beyond offering innovative period solutions, Nickeze is committed to fostering conversations about period health and empowerment. Loftus emphasizes the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation and encouraging open dialogue about period-related challenges faced by women and girls.

As Nickeze continues to champion period health and empowerment in Galway and beyond, founder Ellie Loftus invites individuals to join the conversation and support their mission. By providing innovative products and promoting inclusivity and sustainability, Nickeze is paving the way for a future where females can fully embrace their athleticism and potential without being held back by their periods.

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