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The future of online casinos in Ireland: what to expect

It feels like the world is in a race to see who can stay ahead of the pack in terms of innovation and technological advancements.

This competitive spirit has made its way into every industry, including the realm of online casinos. The Irish may be known for enjoying a cheeky pint but they also aren’t afraid to test whether the luck of the Irish extends to the world of virtual odds and evens.

The online casino market is booming in the Emerald Isle,with revenue set to exceed $0.68bn this year alone. Are you curious about what’s in store for Irish punters in the years to come? We’re taking a peek at what lies at the end of the cyber rainbow, and spoiler alert – it’s a real jackpot! So, grab a Guinness and let’s dive in.

Mobile gaming

Our mobile phones have almost become extensions of ourselves, with most of us feeling like we’ve lost a limb when it’s not in reach. Almost everything we do, including how we entertain ourselves, is facilitated through our smartphones. While mobile gaming isn’t anything new, Irish online casinos have also started to diversify by introducing mobile apps. Most online casinos or sports books have mobile versions of their websites, and we foresee a shift towards turning their platforms into apps.

Apps offer a better level of convenience, portability and accessibility than even a mobile website can.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

While the hype around crypto has certainly died down since its colossal crash in 2022, it hasn’t gone away entirely. The crypto and blockchain market still has widespread support,so this will continue to be an accepted payment method by online casinos that support digital currencies.

What’s more fascinating, however, is the idea of blockchain-based casinos. These are essentially Web3 online casinos that are built using blockchain technology. With an increased consumer demand for transparency, privacy and online security, blockchain-based casinos provide the perfect solution. Blockchain is inherently transparent, with every transaction recorded on a public ledger. This makes it possible for players to verify that every outcome is genuinely random and not rigged.

Blockchain operates through a decentralized network that is arguably tamper-proof, ensuring confidential personal or financial information is protected.

Another benefit of blockchain technology is its ability to provide near-instantaneous payouts. Instead of the usual three to five business day wait, casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments can provide same-day withdrawals to customers.

Sleek, user-friendly interfaces

Graphics have improved across the board and most of us have become accustomed to a decent user interface when accessing online entertainment – you wouldn’t be all that impressed by a grainy, dated online casino site that looks like it was spat straight out of a 90s arcade. Casino operators will continue to invest in the user experience by crafting an online environment that is sleek andcontemporary and offers high-quality graphics to give the Irish people the immersive experience they desire.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) has been making waves for a few years now but it’s poised to transform online gambling for good. We’ve noticed something super cool lately – virtual reality casinos are becoming a thing! Imagine diving into an uber-realistic casino experience just by strapping on a VR headset. Crazy, right? Even though VR used to cost an arm and a leg, it’s become way more affordable these days. That means more of us can join in the fun!

By popping on a virtual headset, you will be able to take a seat at a poker table and engage with your fellow players in real time. You’ll be hard-pressed to believe you’re not actually there in real life – that’s how good the graphics are getting!

Live dealer games

One of the most exciting developments in modern online casinos is the introduction of live dealer games such aspoker, blackjack and roulette. These live sessions allowcustomers to feel fully immersed in the game, and create authentic online experiences that closely simulate in-person gambling.

Dealers host live streams via online casinos to provide players with interactive poker and baccarat games from the comfort of their homes. There has also been a recent inclusion of live slot games that include live chat to create a more social atmosphere.

Responsible gambling

There are several NPOs in Ireland that help promote responsible gambling by providing tools for individuals who believe they may have a gambling problem. GamblingCareis a charity organization operating in the country that provides in-person counselling as well as self-help tools to individuals struggling with gambling addiction.

New gambling laws that were introduced in 2022 approvedan exclusion registrar, which means if someone with a gambling problem chooses to opt out, the system automatically adds the individuals details to a central database accessible to all licensed online operators. They are then responsible for ensuring these individuals are blocked from accessing their services. 

Regulatory changes

Ireland introduced their Gambling Regulation Bill in 2022,creating a new regulatory body for land-based, online and mobile gambling known as the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland. This has placed various restrictions onthe promotion of gambling platforms on television, as well as a blanket ban on social media advertising. Irish online platforms are also no longer able to accept credit card payments or offer VIP memberships, in a bid to promote responsible gambling.

Final thoughts

The future of online casinos in Ireland sure is looking bright! These virtual entertainment hubs are set to undergo some exciting improvements in the years to come, with many of these new technologies already being implemented. As they continue to be refined, the online gambling experience will only continue to become more lifelike and enjoyable for Irish players.

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