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The World’s Top 5 Highest-Paid Sports Athletes in 2020

Many major sports activities as we know, are being canceled or postponed due to the lockdown measures by the governments to prevent further spreading. This leads to the pay cut of many sports athletes as almost all of the major sports events including the Olympics, Football League, and many other championships have been postponed since World War II. So we look at the highest-paid athletes in 2020. 



According to Forbes, the pandemic helped two tennis stars – Federer and Naomi Osaka move up on the list. We will show you in detail of the earnings of these sports stars.


No. 1 – Roger Federer – $106 million

Roger Federer, a 39 years old swiss with 4 children, is currently the world’s highest-paid tennis player for the first time. His earning in 2020 is a whopping 106 million dollars that many commoners can only dream of. His total net worth is estimated to be around 450 million dollars making him half-a-billionaire. His biggest earning is from Japanese apparel giant, Uniqlo, which gave him a 300 million dollars deal for a 10 years contract. Throughout his career, he has won over 130 million dollars in his lifetime. 


No. 2 – Cristiano Ronaldo – $105 million

Cristiano Ronaldo, a 35 years old renowned Portuguese football celebrity who currently plays as a forward for Juventus, previously in Real Madrid. He’s the first-ever Portuguese player signed by Manchester United in his early life and his transfer fee of 12 million pounds made him the most expensive teenage footballer in the history of English football. The Portuguese football star has the most followed football star on Instagram with 237 million followers. Ronaldo earned 105 million dollars with the combining of his salary and endorsements in 2020. However, according to Forbes, Ronaldo has become the first billionaire football athlete in history during his career. 


No. 3 – Lionel Messi – $104 million

Lionel Messi is estimated to earn 104 million dollar from his salary and endorsements. The Barcelona icon, Lionel Messi, a 33 years old Argentina football star who is considered as one of the greatest players at all time. According to Forbes, Messi will be the second billionaire footballer in history after Cristiano. His current contract with Barcelona pays him over 80 million dollars every year and he has been a brand endorser of the sportswear titan Adidas since 2006. Ranked after Cristiano, Messi has around 166 million followers on Instagram. Maxbet has over 50,000 followers


No. 4 – Neymar – $95.5 million

Neymar, a former Barcelona football star, has joined Paris Saint-Germain on a 5 year contract with a promised salary of 350 million dollars. The 28 years old Brazilian professional footballer is ranked as the world’s 3rd highest-paid footballer, pocketing 95.5 million dollars in 2020. Neymar’s 236 million dollars transfer fee paid by PSG is the most expensive in the world. He is estimated to worth 185 million dollars by 2020. 


No. 5 – LeBron James – $88.2 million

LeBron James, a 35 years old American NBA basketball star player, earned himself a solid 88 million dollars in 2020 from salary and endorsements. The four-time NBA MVP was named All-NBA player for the 16-th time in NBA history, according to The Guardian. As an investor, he owns several companies including entertainment production company, media company and fast food franchises, which made him as rich as Cristiano with estimated net worth of 450 million dollars.

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