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What Is Combat Archery Tag?

Combat archery was first invented in 2011 by John Jackson of Waterloo, Indiana. The sport became popular. after Jackson staged target practice areas at local premieres of The Hunger Games film. 

Fans were more than willing to embrace their inner Katniss Everdeen. The non-lethal arrows provided a way to practice their Hunger Game skills without all the death and sacrifice. 

By 2014, there were over 170 locations worldwide where people could play combat archery. Sit tight as we break down how to play one of the most popular new sports to hit the market. Battle Archery, Battle Bows, and Arrow Tag are other brands to profit from the craze. 

Dodgeball, Paintball, and Archery, Oh, My! 

Combat Archery combines the sports of dodgeball, paintball, and archery. It is also known as archery tag

Played worldwide in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, and others, combat archery is the new combat sport that people love to play.

Archery Tag Rules

The rules resemble dodgeball. In archery tag, two teams of five go head-to-head to compete in an archery fight. Each player is given a mask for protection that must be worn at all times.

The battlefield consists of two battle zones separated by a safe zone. Within each zone, there are targets that opposing players can hit to score points.

Whenever a player hits their foam-tipped arrow through a target they receive two points for their team. 

The referee blows the whistle to start the game. Both teams sprint towards the safe zone to pick up bows and foam-tipped arrows. Players can hide behind targets and shoot at the other team, or their targets. The referee helps keep score. 

Here are the ways your team earns points: 

  • 1 point – strike a player with an arrow
  • 2 points – striking a target
  • 2 points – catching an arrow shot at you

If an arrow hits you, you must sit out, like dodgeball. You come back into the game if someone catches an opposing team’s arrow.

The team with the most points wins. 

Two Ways to Play

There are two options when playing combat archery. You can play league or elimination. Both games are the same but have subtle differences.

In league play, you aren’t required to leave the battlefield after being hit, but the other team receives the point. With elimination play, you must leave the battlefield after being hit, and the other team gets a point. 

Points are awarded in the same way no matter which style you play. 

Things to Know

Arrows that land outside of the battlefield zones will be picked up by staff and placed back in the safe zone. You cannot shoot at the other team while in the safe zone, it will not count. The game takes skills, strategy, and teamwork to win. 

Are You Ready to Give Combat Archery a Try?

Combat archery brings all the attributes of your favorite gymnasium games from elementary school and adds archery in for good measure. If you’d like to try combat archery with your family, make sure to look up locations for your area. 

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