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Why mobile casinos could be the future of the gambling industry

In the 21st century we have become accustomed to not only information, but also work, study and entertainment being mostly available online. As such, it is not surprising that also online casinos have become a common occurrence, gaining popularity in the last few years. Even more so, mobile casinos – those available to play on your smartphone, have become even more popular. This makes sense when you think of the price difference between a smartphone, available from as cheap as 100 euros, compared to a laptop – where even the cheapest ones are rarely below 500. The simple fact that most people are inseparable from their mobile phones is enough of a reason for mobile gambling to be becoming the most popular form of gambling. Read on to find other reasons why mobile casinos could be the future of the gambling industry. 

Extremely accessible

As already mentioned, mobile devices are practically extensions of our arms these days, people rarely leave home without one. This also means that gambling on a mobile will be easily accessible – you can quickly play a few rounds while waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, or even while waiting for a document to load at work (though maybe watch out on this one, you don’t want your boss getting angry!). With data packages or contract phones you are also provided with a constant secure internet connection, which is ideal when transferring money online. Mobile phones also have a longer battery life than computers or laptops do, meaning you are free to play for longer without being restricted to sitting next to a power socket. 

Not only are mobile phones more accessible there are more casinos than ever which offer mobile phone friendly gambling options, while this is a blessing it can make choosing which to play a difficult decision. Japan 101 have put together a comparison of some of the most popular online casinos, if this perks your interests check it out here

Technology is better

Back in the day, I remember downloading one picture from the internet onto my phone and being so excited that it worked. These days we take, share, and download more pictures in a day than our great-grandparents ever witnessed in their lifetime! And that’s not the only thing we use mobile phones for. Compared to the earliest mobile phono prototypes, our mobile devices are basically minicomputers in our pockets. Because of this, there is barely a difference in quality between playing online games from your phone compared to a computer – in fact, most games are specifically designed to work on a phone, and may even work better on one than on a computer! If you compare a computer to a smartphone that is half its price, the phone will probably have better battery lifespan, the operating system is easier to navigate, and most importantly, you can be connected to the internet 24/7 without any connected cables or wifi (with a laptop, you need either a wifi connection, LAN, or a hotspot from your phone). These all point to reasons why mobile phones may be the future of not only the gambling industry, but life as we know it. 

Smartphones are widely used

Because of the price difference, as well as the portability and multifunctionality of smartphones, it is more common, if one has to choose between the two, for people to choose a smartphone over a computer. Afterall, with the correct accessories connected to the phone, like a keypad or screen sharing, even the few perks laptops have over phones can be mitigated. Basically, anything that can be done on a computer can be done on a phone. More games are created for mobile gambling now than ever before. Developers such as Microgaming and Play’n GO release hundreds of new mobile gambling games yearly, as their popularity increases. These games are on a totally different level quality wise as those of previous years. Special effects and impressive graphics on sites as well as exotic six reels storylines in slot games are bringing more and more players to mobile gambling.


With the evolution of technology and the handiness of smartphones, it is not surprising that online gambling is turning ever more towards mobile gambling. As gambling game providers, it would be wise to set your gaze on the mobile industry, and as players, well, why not try it out the games of the future?

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