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Horse Racing, a British Tradition

Horse racing is Britain’s second largest spectator sport and one of the oldest, with a history stretching back centuries.

The meeting place of British elegance par excellence, the most prestigious horse races in the United Kingdom, attract an increasing number of visitors from all over the world, who, too, must comply with the very strict dress code of the event. The Cheltenham Horse Racing Championship is the most important in England. It regularly coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. For 4 days, the best English and Irish horses compete in races. The championship opens on the first day with a race called “Champion Day”; the 2nd day is “Ladies Day”, then comes the “Saint Patrick’s Thursday” race, finally the championship closes with the famous “Gold Cup Day”. Watch out for the show! While the Punchestown Festival holds thousands of visitors to England each year in March for its annual horse racing event, the Punchestown Festival is no exception. It hosts the best jumpers in Ireland. Even if the notoriety of Cheltenham is proven, the horse courses of Punchestown are a real phenomenon.

Cheltenham Festival: The Most Prestigious Horse Races

Located in the English county of Gloucestershire near Gloucester and Cirencester, the charming town of Cheltenham is known throughout the world for its horse racing and thus continues this long tradition. Whether you attend curious, a player or a professional, the prestigious horse races offer a unique experience. Mixing popular culture and high society events, the racetracks also present a real show in the stands where you never tire of observing the famous colorful hats or out-of-date costumes. It is a perfect illustration of English eccentricity, between tradition and extravagance. Thus, each year in March the Cheltenham festival is an event not to be missed.

Punchestown: The Birthplace of Irish Jumps Racing

Located in Ireland this time around, Punchestown is located in the parish of Eadestown, near Naas in County Kildare. It is known as the birthplace of Irish Jumps Racing. It’s a real event, several days of celebrations and very high-level classes. Combining fashion and tradition, this is the absolute must in horse racing for enthusiasts or curious people from all over the world. A unique experience! The racecourse itself is right-handed with an undulating track and a steeplechase. The obstacle course is a six-mile distance while the pursuit course is 2 miles. Punchestown Racecourse also offers Ireland’s only cross-country course. If you are looking at rivalries at the Cheltenham Festival, the Punchestown Festival is a strong opponent. The Punchestown Festival hosts some of the best jump racing of the year. The rivalry between trainers from Great Britain and Ireland, it has usually always been tight between the two countries.

Horse races: an opportunity to bet online

The Cheltenham Festival is the perfect opportunity for punters to bet for their horses in lines and one of the busiest times of the year for bookmakers. There are 28 courses on bet with free bet offers at Cheltenham. Bettors at the Festival and across the world who bet online are hopping early markets and last-minute bets. Horse racing is a sporting event which, unlike other gambling, is not just about chance. The result of these events is conditioned by multiple factors such as distance, type of terrain, time and of course the intrinsic strength of each of the participating horses. In the turf, bets are made between players and not against the operator or bookmaker.

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