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Horse Racing – Breeders Cup 2020?

What do you think, which is the most popular event this year in horse racing – Breeders Cup 2020? Or maybe some other event? Many popular horse racing events take place each year and all of them are extremely fun and exciting to watch. Our top pick is the aforementioned Breeders Cup. 

Two things make the Breeders Cup so famous – it’s competition and prize purse, as well as the great odds when it comes to online horse betting. We wanted to take a closer look at the Cup itself and what options do people have when it comes to the betting process. Let’s check them out.

The Breeders Cup

The most popular 2020 event in horse racing – Breeders Cup 2020 is a series of Grade I Thoroughbred races. It was inaugurated in 1984 and its location changes yearly. The prize purse varies by race, but it’s often between $1-6 million, which is a lot. 

Breeders Cup 2020 will take place on November 6 (Friday) and it will end the next day (Saturday) in Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky (USA). It will be the most highly anticipated horse racing event this year and all fans are excited to see which horses and jockeys will come out on top.

Mike Smith is considered the greatest jockey in the Breeders Cup with 26 wins, 10 more than the second-best, John R. Velazquez. D. Wayne Lucas is the most successful trainer with 20 wins under his belt. 

The Betting Tutorial

As far as bets go for horse racing – Breeders Cup 2020, specifically, and all other races, there are 3 types of bets that you can place. They are to show, to place, and to win. To show is the easiest type of bet and it means that the horse that you pick will finish in any of the first 3 spots. The odds for this type are the lowest, and the prize in case of winning is low. 

To place raises the stakes a bit. By wagering money on this bet, you are choosing a horse which will finish in the top 2 spots. The odds for ‘to place’ bets are a bit higher than ‘to show’ and logically, the prize in case of winning rises. 

Finally, the last type is ‘to win’. Logically, by wagering on this type, you are placing a bet on the horse that you think is going to win the race. The odds for this type are always high.

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