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Leading First Season Sires for 2023

Analysing the Leading First Season Sires in Horse Racing

Latest update 23rd July 

In the world of horse racing, the performance of stallions is closely monitored, especially when they enter their first breeding season. The success of these stallions in producing promising progeny can greatly influence the industry and shape future racing generations. In this article, we will explore and analyze the leading first season sires of the recent racing season.

1. Soldiers Call (13):

Topping the list is Soldiers Call, an impressive first season sire with 13 progeny making their mark on the racing scene. Known for his own racing achievements, Soldiers Call brings a blend of speed and tenacity to his offspring. With a strong representation on the track, his progeny have displayed the potential for exciting careers in racing.

2. Blue Point (12):

Another notable first season sire is Blue Point, a dual Royal Ascot winner and champion sprinter. With 12 progeny to his name, Blue Point’s offspring have showcased their talent and inherited their sire’s speed. As they continue to develop, their performances will undoubtedly be eagerly watched by racing enthusiasts.

3. Ten Sovereigns (5):

Ten Sovereigns, a former champion sprinter himself, has entered the world of breeding with a promising first crop of 5 progeny. Known for his blistering speed, Ten Sovereigns passes on his athleticism and precocity to his offspring. The potential of his progeny is certainly something to keep an eye on.

4. Inns of Court (4):

Inns of Court, a Group 1-winning sprinter, has made a solid start to his breeding career with 4 promising progeny. Known for his versatility and racing prowess, Inns of Court offers a combination of speed and stamina. His progeny’s early performances indicate they possess similar qualities, making them ones to watch in the coming seasons.

5. Land Force (3):

Land Force, a Group 2-winning sprinter, has shown promise in his first season as a sire with 3 progeny entering the racing world. With his own racing achievements to draw upon, Land Force’s progeny display potential in the sprinting domain. Their development will be intriguing to follow as they mature.

6. Too Darn Hot (3):

Too Darn Hot, a multiple Group 1-winning colt, has produced 3 progeny in his first season as a sire. Known for his exceptional speed and racing ability, Too Darn Hot offers a strong genetic foundation for his offspring. The early performances of his progeny indicate the potential for a successful racing career lies ahead.

7. Advertise (1):
Rounding off the list is Advertise, a high-class sprinter in his racing days, with a single progeny representing him in the racing world. While the number may be modest, the racing community eagerly awaits the development and performances of Advertise’s progeny to assess their potential and racing prowess.

The emergence of leading first season sires is always an exciting development in the world of horse racing. Stallions like Soldiers Call, Blue Point, Ten Sovereigns, Inns of Court, Land Force, Too Darn Hot, and Advertise have made their presence felt through their talented progeny. As these young horses continue to mature and showcase their racing abilities, they have the potential to shape the future of the sport and captivate racing fans worldwide.

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