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Rachael Blackmore, the Irish Horse Racing Prodigy!

Ireland is the most famous country in Europe for horse racing. The country has many racetracks.Some horse races are real events, and last between 3 days and a whole week! It’s customary to go celebrate the holidays by attending a horse race!

Betting on Horse Racing, a Trend in Ireland

In Ireland, a horse race is an opportunity to experience great moments! Pretty dresses, big hats, distinguished attire, and of course fervour and excitement are on the program of these races. The events are then numerous: obstacle course, flat race. Everything is good for having fun and admiring the prowess of Irish jockeys. If you are by nature a gamer, you should know that betting is possible at any racetrack in Ireland. One way to spice up the game a bit and make yourself happy. Sports Betting and horse racing betting (referred to as turf about the grass on which horses run) are increasingly popular.

The Most Popular Racetracks in Ireland

Some races have also become real institutions, like the one in Ballybrit, not far from Galway, where more than 150,000 people flock to the racetrack to fill up on adrenaline! Among the racetracks to see is the site of Layton in County Louth, where wonderful horse races are held on the county’s beaches. The beauty of the place and the surrounding effervescence make it an extraordinary and exceptional place. There is also Listowel in County Kerry. This racecourse is one of Ireland’s oldest horse racing venues, and the Irish love to race there. Atmosphere and strong emotions guaranteed.

Rachael Blackmore, First Irish Woman Jockey on the Prize List

Rachael Blackmore is an Irish jockey. In 2021, she became the first female jockey to win the prestigious English Grand National horse racing prize. This obstacle course has been the toughest horse show since 1927. No jockey and very few coaches imagined that a woman could ever win it. The obstacle gallop world awaited him with curiosity on May 23 at Auteuil, for the Grand Steeplechase de Paris. As a child, she wanted to be a veterinarian, used to her father’s farm in the heart of Irish County Tipperary, caring for animals and especially horses. Like all the Irish children in the countryside, she rode a pony. It is true that Rachael Blackmore had such a good disposition that she won all the local races as a teenager. What to forge a sacred mind and a solid confidence in his abilities. However, she did not lose sight of her vocation, encouraged by her teacher mother, delighted at the prospect of her daughter remaining in the rural world while escaping the hard constraints of farming life. Given her excellent skills in leading horses to victory, her university entourage began to push her to become a professional jockey. Without giving up her studies, she tried her luck as an amateur and won her first race at 20. Very quickly, the Irish woman impressed the male world of horse racing in Ireland. To the point of posting 320 victories to date in six years of racing, including the most prestigious of the obstacle courses on Sunday 10 April: The Grand National of Liverpool, a steeplechase. “It’s an achievement, it is impossible,” said coach Guillaume Macaire. A few weeks earlier, the young rider had won, under the colours of her head trainer, the Irish Henry de Bromhead, the Champion hurdle, aka the most prestigious British hurdle race, flagship race of the Cheltenham Festival considered by the profession as a kind of sector Olympics. Here too, a first for women, especially as she won four other races at this very high-level meeting.

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