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How to bet on Rugby betting guide

How To Bet On Rugby? – Betting Guide

In rugby betting, major rugby unions like the Rugby Championship, the Six Nations, and the World Cup are the most predominant events. These events promise some of the most thrilling moments in the game, also attracting the attention of millions of punters aiming to make some cash in the process. There’s also the rugby league, which delivers a unique cinematic thrill, with sportsbooks like Betway allowing bettors to bet on them.

This rugby betting guide will convert you from a rookie to pro in no time, but you’ll need to remain focused on several things. 

How To Bet On Rugby

Compared to other sports like football, rugby betting is a bit different and can be hard to understand if you’re not focused. Fortunately, beginners can enjoy the usual straightforward tournament outrights, which involves predicting a home or away win or perhaps a draw. For instance, you can wager on a team to join relegation or win the premiership.

Handicap (or Spread) betting is also a critical part of rugby betting. In this type of bet, one team is given a hypothetical advantage over the other, putting the opponent at a disadvantage. This bet has very long lines, making it ideal to bet when one team is a heavy favorite. Even better, you can place over/ under bets in Rugby, just like in football.

Live Rugby Betting

With online bookmakers such as Betway, there are great live international rugby betting events you can enjoy. Punters highly focus on markets such as total points, outright winner, or scorer markets. However, there isn’t much value in match outrights in Rugby as compared to football. However, you can wager on the team scoring the next point (try or penalty), which is also becoming a famous live rugby market.

Rugby Betting Strategies

Learning about all the rugby betting markets available in your bookie is an essential first step, but you can’t start making a profit unless you’ve got some strategies in place. You’ll need to start attacking the matches in an organized manner to become a successful rugby bettor. Here are several things you can do ensure you’re in a position to make smart bets:

  • Learn everything you can about the team you are betting on, including styles of play, stats, and recent form.
  • Keep note of the weather as bad weather can have a dramatic influence on any rugby match.
  • Stay updated with team news to note if any key player will be excluded in a match. That can have detrimental effects on a team’s performance, notably if one of the playmakers is missing.
  • Know your market. That’s why it’s important to avoid betting on all the markets randomly as it can be hard to learn everything you can about them. For instance, the first try in a match is often claimed by wingers.
  • Learn when the form is crucial. For instance, the form is essential in premiership tournaments where teams play every week, though it may not count in international matches.

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