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Netflix’s Six Nations series unlikely to get second series

Six Nations: Full Contact – A Netflix Hit but second series not confirmed

The debut of the Six Nations: Full Contact documentary on Netflix has made waves, ranking among the top three programs viewed in the UK last week. This success hints at the potential for a second season, adding excitement to the upcoming 2024 Championship but there has been no confirmation of a second series been commissioned.

Documentary Release and Reception:

Released across Europe last Wednesday, the eight-part documentary aims to attract new fans to the sport. Early indicators suggest promising results, with “Full Contact” ranking as Netflix’s most-viewed program in Ireland and the fourth-most in France. Notably, a viral clip featuring Finn Russell comparing himself to Lionel Messi has fueled social media buzz.

Behind the Scenes:

Production company Box to Box has provided exclusive access to the Six Nations teams, capturing their journey since the official launch in Dublin. With crews traveling to countries like Spain and Portugal, the documentary offers an intimate look at teams like England and Ireland. Improved cooperation from teams indicates a more inclusive approach to camera presence, setting the stage for compelling storytelling.

Comparative Success:

Drawing parallels with Formula One’s “Drive to Survive,” also produced by Box to Box, “Six Nations: Full Contact” shows promise in captivating audiences. Despite “Drive to Survive”s four-season head start, “Full Contact” has garnered impressive viewership, signaling potential growth for rugby’s documentary landscape.

Targeting New Audiences:

While “Drive to Survive” has successfully engaged younger demographics, rugby has room to expand its appeal among Gen Z adults. Addressing this gap is crucial, considering the sport’s strong engagement among the broader UK adult population.

By leveraging its success on Netflix and addressing the demands of modern viewers, “Six Nations: Full Contact” paves the way for a new era of rugby storytelling, offering an immersive experience for fans old and new alike.

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