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2020 A Year to Remember for Football

Any fan of sports will have been affected by the surreal circumstances surrounding sporting events around the world in 2020.

#This is a year when nothing can be taken for granted and out of the ordinary things have happened. However, things are all getting back on track now and it’s making a comeback. No one will be more pleased than lovers of football and the Premier League.

Just before football ground to a halt, there was one thing that seemed a certainty – Liverpool winning its first Premier League for 30 years. However, 2 victories before that happened, play stopped, and the outcome was unsure. Would the season be voided – Liverpool having to continue its long wait? Would they decide to declare the current results as final? Liverpool champions but not really officially. Or would play resume at some point. Football and sports betting lovers around the world were thrilled when it was announced the season would resume and everything was still to play for.

Betting on the Results

That meant that not only playing sports but also betting on sports resumed and bookmakers were out in their droves to offer betting offers and promotions to add to the enjoyment of all. One of the standouts is the Betclic promo code, which gives you cashback on your bets – perfect for such an unpredictable year. But, what to bet on with the plethora of great offers back on the table? Well the joy about football betting is that it can go on forever, no matter where we are in the season. True, it’s too late to bet on Premier League champions, but there are other cups and matches still going on – offering just as much excitement for the eager bettor.

The End of the Season

Even when games have ground to a halt and the result are in, there’s still plenty Premier League action to bet on, which is another reason that we love football. 

One of the fun markets to take a punt on is the transfer season. There are always masses of rumors going around about who is leaving one club and who is joining. August wouldn’t be complete without people scrolling through social media to see what might be happening to their club before the start of the next season. The fun thing is that many aren’t truly known until deadline day.  People often stay glued to the news to see the last-minute signings and deals… and which ones fell at the final hurdle. This is exciting enough, but when you add betting to the equation, it makes it next level.

Who Steers the Ship?

Another bet you could make at this time is which managers will be leaving. There will be some that are obviously looking at the chop due to a poor performance that season. However, some are a little more unpredictable. And, once one manager leaves, this could set off a storm with managers leaving their role to fill the vacancy at a bigger and better club.  True, we can’t see Klopp going anywhere just yet, but clubs such as Man U, Spurs and Arsenal and Watford have had turbulent times when it comes to managers. Rarely is their job safe.


The Season Ahead

It is well known that the earlier you place a bet, then the better odds you’ll get. So, why not get ahead of the game and start making your predictions already? Who do you think will take the top spot or spots the next season? Which teams do you think will struggle? Who do you think will hit form and get the Golden Boot? The joy of football is that all through the year, whether it’s being played or not, it offers excitement and unpredictability… so it’s always the perfect time to make a bet!


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