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7 Easy Football Tricks To Beat Defenders

Football is a game of unbelievably impressive tricks. These tricks are not only great to show off your skills but are also helpful in defeating defenders.

Defenders stop attacks, preventing players from scoring goals. However, with the help of certain moves, you can easily beat defenders. In this article, we’ll cover a few of those iconic tricks.

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  • The Matthew Cut


Eponymous to the football legend Stanley Matthews, who championed this move over 50 years ago. This football trick is also known as ‘shoulder feint’ or ‘dropping the shoulder’. The Matthew Cut is easy to pull off and is excellent to mislead defenders.

Execution: Kick the ball lightly with the inside of your foot in a particular direction. Then, with the outside of the same foot launch a kick in a different direction.


  • The Cruyff Turn


This dribbling move is the legacy of Johan Cruyff. It’s effective when a defender is running close by you to snatch the ball from you.

Execution: Place your supporting foot slightly ahead of the ball and with your other foot push the ball gently behind your supporting leg. Now kick it in the opposite direction and run past the defender.


  • The Flip-Flap


Also known as the elastico, is a dribbling move, used popularly by football players to trick defensive players. The flip-flap is a quick yet fatal move, which may even cause the defender to stumble over. It may seem that this move is one smooth motion, but it requires a lot of practice to master it.

Execution: Launch the ball forward with the outside of your foot, then quickly push it to the opposite side with the inside of the same foot.


  • The Marseille Turn


The Marseille Turn is a dribbling trick popularized in the 1970s by a French footballer, Yves Mariot. Famous footballers Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane are notable executioners of this move, hence it’s also known as the ‘’Maradona turn’’ and ‘’Zidane turn’’. The move is effective when the defender is approaching head-on trying to take control of the ball.

Execution: Place one foot on the ball and slightly pull it back, consequently spin around so your back is facing the defender. While you’re spinning, drag the ball further back and past the defender. Now launch the ball in the direction you want to run.


  • The Nutmeg


This move is satisfying for the attacker and humiliating for the defender. Owing to its effectiveness, it’s attempted multiple times in a game by players.

Execution: Place your foot on the ball and drag it to the side of the same foot, to trick the defender. Immediately kick the ball between the defender’s legs to get the ball past them. And gain control of the ball again.


  • The Inside Touch


A player must have fast feet to perform this move with excellency. This move works well against defenders when they expect you to hit the ball inside rather than the outside.

Execution: Push the ball forward with the inside of one foot and quickly do a scissor with the same foot. Now, push the ball away using the outside touch of your opposite foot.


  • The Rainbow


Also known as Ardiles flick, is an advanced football move used rarely in matches due to its complexity. However, it remains one of the most famous moves in football. It helps you move past a defender while running down the field.

Execution: While moving, push the ball slightly ahead of you and trap the ball with the inside of your back foot and heel of the front foot. Then roll the ball with the back foot onto the front leg. Now lean forward and kick the ball over the head of your defender and run away.

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