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The Next Rep of Ireland Manager Odds: Top Candidates

Stephen Kenny’s tenure as the Republic of Ireland manager is poised to conclude after a FAI board meeting on November 28th.

Despite a recent 4-0 victory against Gibraltar, questions loom over Kenny’s future, with a crucial match against the Dutch awaiting on Nov 18.

The Fading Support for Stephen Kenny

Having led Ireland through seven Group B matches with just two wins, Kenny faces scrutiny. The FAI has assured him completion of the current qualifying campaign, but a post-campaign review by FAI head of football Marc Canham may signal the end of Kenny’s managerial stint.

Potential Candidates for the Next Republic of Ireland Manager

1. Neil Lennon: The Silverware-Backed Contender

Neil Lennon, the former Celtic boss, holds significant silverware from his time in Scotland. Despite success with Omonia in Cyprus, he became available last October, making him a potential candidate at 5/1 odds.

2. Steve Bruce: The Experienced Journeyman

Steve Bruce, a seasoned manager, brings a wealth of experience. Despite a recent spell at West Brom, his journeyman career could find a new chapter on the international stage, with odds of 5/2.

3. Lee Carsley: The Midfield Hardman Turned Manager

Lee Carsley, the former Premier League midfielder and current England U21s manager, emerges as a contender. His success in leading England U21s to a European Championship win could make him an attractive option at 11/2.

4. Sam Allardyce: The Purist with a 100% Record

Known for his pragmatic approach, Sam Allardyce might seek redemption in international football. With a 100% winning record from his time with England 😉, he stands at 11/1 odds.

5. Chris Hughton: The Defensive Strategist

Chris Hughton, with a history of prioritizing defense, is in contention. His recent stint with the Ghanaian national team and past association with Ireland could make him a viable choice at 16/1.

6. Roy Keane: The Box Office Attraction

Roy Keane, a familiar face in Irish football, brings both managerial and punditry experience. His potential return to a managerial role stands at 12/1 odds.

7. Anthony Barry: The Coaching Talent

Liverpudlian Anthony Barry, part of Stephen Kenny’s coaching staff, is a wildcard. Currently assisting top managers at Bayern Munich and Portugal, his lack of managerial experience might pose a risk for the FAI.

Conclusion: The Unfolding Drama

As Stephen Kenny’s departure nears, the speculation surrounding his successor intensifies. With a diverse set of candidates, each brings a unique blend of experience and potential to the table. The next Republic of Ireland manager remains uncertain, adding an intriguing layer to the unfolding football drama.

*Disclaimer: Odds are subject to change and may vary based on bookmakers.*

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