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GAA Fixtures April

We have an up to date list of GAA fixtures for April 2022 the list will be updated as information becomes available last updated 08-02



Saturday 2/Sunday 3 April

Allianz Football League Division 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 finals
1st placed team v 2nd placed team

Allianz Hurling League Division 1 final
Semi-final winner v Semi-final winner

Allianz Hurling League 2A / 2B / 3A / 3B finals
1st placed team v Semi-final winner

All-Ireland U20HC B quarter-finals


Sunday 10 April

Christy Ring Cup round 1
Derry v Wicklow
Mayo v Kildare
London v Sligo

Nickey Rackard Cup round 1
Fermanagh v Donegal
Armagh v Roscommon
Warwickshire v Tyrone

Lory Meagher Cup round 1
Lancashire v Louth
Monaghan v Cavan
Leitrim v Longford


Saturday 16 April

Ulster SFC preliminary round
Fermanagh v Tyrone

Leinster SHC round 1
Wexford v Galway
Westmeath v Kilkenny
Dublin v Laois

Joe McDonagh Cup round 1
Meath v Carlow
Kerry v Down
Antrim v Offaly

Christy Ring Cup round 2
Kildare v London
Wicklow v Mayo
Sligo v Derry


Saturday 16/Sunday 17 April

All-Ireland U20HC B semi-finals


Sunday 17 April

Connacht SFC quarter-finals
London v Leitrim
New York v Sligo

Munster SHC round 1
Waterford v Tipperary
Cork v Limerick

Nickey Rackard Cup round 2
Roscommon v Warwickshire
Donegal v Armagh
Tyrone v Fermanagh

Lory Meagher Cup round 2
Cavan v Leitrim
Louth v Monaghan
Longford v Lancashire


Saturday 23 April

Ulster SFC quarter-final
Antrim v Cavan

Leinster SHC round 2
Longford v Dublin
Galway v Westmeath
Kilkenny v Laois

Munster SHC round 2
Limerick v Waterford

Joe McDonagh Cup round 2
Carlow v Kerry
Offaly v Meath

Christy Ring Cup round 3
London v Mayo
Sligo v Wicklow
Kildare v Derry

Nickey Rackard Cup round 3
Donegal v Roscommon
Tyrone v Armagh

Lory Meagher Cup round 3
Longford v Louth


Sunday 24 April

Connacht SFC quarter-final
Mayo v Galway

Leinster SFC round 1
Laois v Wicklow
Louth v Carlow
Offaly v Wexford

Ulster SFC quarter-final
Donegal v Armagh

Munster SHC round 2
Tipperary v Clare

Joe McDonagh Cup round 2
Down v Antrim

Nickey Rackard Cup round 3
Fermanagh v Warwickshire

Lory Meagher Cup round 3
Leitrim v Monaghan
Cavan v Lancashire


Saturday 30 April

Leinster SFC quarter-final
Dublin v Offaly / Wexford

Munster SFC quarter-final
Clare v Limerick

Ulster SFC quarter-final
Monaghan v Down

Leinster SHC round 3
Laois v Wexford
Galway v Kilkenny

Joe McDonagh Cup round 3
Kerry v Meath
Antrim v Carlow

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