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Johnny Glynn – Back on Track but with a Different Career

As some of you may know, Johnny Glynn – known as Galway’s central cog – has been recently struck by the coronavirus and left in poor health for a couple of weeks. However, he is now reportedly back and in full health – but it seems like he feels the need for a change.

If Johnny Glynn is your favorite hurler, then you may want to keep a close eye on the Tribesmen odds for sports betting, as the 26-year-old attacker seems to be looking forward to the timely end of his career, in favor of a selector role!

Early Start

Naturally, Glynn didn’t suddenly decide to end his hurling career and become a selector. In fact, he’s already been one – for the New York’s Exiles – over last year’s winter.

It was after his Championship loss versus Dublin, in June last year, when he agreed to the role of selector with Gerry Fox, the boss/manager of Exiles.

Even though Glynn wasn’t removed from his team’s sport events for the summer, both him and O’Neill – manager of Galway – seem happy/pleased that the chapter is now done.

His History

Johnny Glynn has been New York-based since the year of 2015, where he played until 2016. Then, he started to commute between New York and Galway so that he could hurl for the latter, mainly between 2017-2019.

His last appearance was, as mentioned, in last June’s Championship, when the Tribesmen saw a defeat against Dublin, at Parnell Park. This also marked the team’s exit from the Championship.

Looking back, Glynn says that he might not have left Galway, especially given that he had to change/apply for visas on and on. But now that’s he’s about to get the green card, the hassle will soon be over. Overall, he’s content with this decision.

Future Plans

Right before the current global situation, New York was in the process of preparing for a clash with Galway, apparently. Glynn said that Connacht SFC and Galway would engage in a series of challenge games – specifically with Newtown Blues and Salthill-Knocknacarra – and that he was more than just excited for the matches.

On top of that, he was also optimistic that his team would still get on the Tailteann Cup even if they lost to Galway – but now, with the pandemic, they can’t tell anymore.

The Bottom Line

With a fortunate return from quarantine/self-isolation, Glynn is now in full health and ready to return to the world of sports – but as a selector, and not a hurler. While he said he was quite afraid for his health, he also mentioned that he was more terrified of giving the virus to someone else, before knowing that he had it!

All in all, he and his fiancée now feel much better – and he’s ready to tackle, or at least look into, his and his team’s plans for the future.

Therefore, if you’re a hurling enthusiast and like to bet on sports, you may want to check Glynn and his new team!

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