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AR and VR Are Changing the Gambling Industry

When online gambling first became available, players had access to the most simple games. The titles did not have enhanced features or even the best graphics. Over the years, the changes in technology have allowed software developers to create amazing casino games that are now enjoyed worldwide today. Now, with great graphics, animations, sounds, and added features, casino games provide players with a realistic experience. 

The industry is always changing, and new technology is coming into play regularly. There are two technologies that have quickly evolved, and both of these are changing the gambling market. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the biggest changes within the online market. These will allow operators to offer a better experience for players and will also allow for software developers to create the best games ever to become available.

Here, we will examine how each of these technologies is being used and how they will change the future of online gambling. There are already some operating casinos and developers that are making use of virtual reality to offer players the most rewarding and thrilling gambling experience. While the technology is still new and has not been implemented at many sites, you can learn all about how VR and AR are being used and how they will eventually have an impact on your gambling experience when you access an online casino.

What Are AR and VR?

As a gambler who plays online, you will want to understand how AR and VR work and how they are different. They are both very similar technologies that will alter how we interact with an environment and how we perceive that environment. However, they differ in regards to the hardware that is required. The hardware is used to change our environmental surroundings.

With AR or Augmented reality, you will have a better experience since your current physical environment is changed by the use of superimposed layers of virtual objects. In short, AR has the ability to add audio, people, and items to your surroundings. These are all added to your current location. In many cases, you will not require specialized hardware to enjoy AR. When used in an online casino setting, your smartphone will be all that is needed. Augmented reality software is also easier to develop since the company will not have to create any backgrounds or environments.

With VR or virtual reality, you will experience an environment that is completely simulated. It is used to allow players to become immersed in a virtual world and provide a unique experience. VR will require players to use a special headset as well as speakers. Unfortunately, the requirement for hardware will limit who can enjoy VR online gambling since these things can be costly. 

For the best experience, users will require a good headset to present the virtual world through lenses. Since not everyone can afford the added hardware, VR casinos may not be the best option for all players. AR casinos, however, do not have these requirements and are easier for software companies to create and manage.

How AR and VR Are Revolutionizing the Online Gambling Industry

Both of these technologies are at the forefront of changing how we play casino games online. By providing more excitement and realism, you will find that casinos adopting AR and VR technology will become the top-rated sites due to the ability to offer a virtual experience. These two technology fields are still in their infancy, so it is impossible to tell you exactly how they will be used in online casino venues. 

The use of these technologies has a single purpose. That is to greatly improve the user’s experience by creating a virtual atmosphere that replicates what you would enjoy at a land casino. Players will be able to feel like they are walking the floors of a land-based casino and will even be able to interact with others. With these added technologies, the world of online gambling will be changed forever. 

Instead of simply accessing your standard games and playing on a mobile device or PC, you will engage in a virtual experience with other players from all over the world. You can even look around to see the sights at a casino and stroll down the aisles of slots before picking a game. AR and VR will truly change the world of iGaming.

If you are a fan of online casino games and are already enjoying the activities offered at leading sites, you will want to learn more about these amazing technologies that will soon change the way you play. In the future, you will be able to play online slots while having the feeling of sitting right at the machine and being able to interact with other players in a virtual setting.

Not only will your slot experience be different, but this will apply to all games that are accessed at a VR or AR casino. You will find that live dealer games currently offered will not even compare to the realism that will be featured at these new types of casino sites. If you want to learn more about what you can expect from AR and VR technology, we have all the details right here!

All About Augmented Reality Casinos

As we have already described, augmented reality technology will take your current environment and add to it using virtual overlays. When it comes to online casinos, this exciting technology could offer a host of new features by combining the elements of virtual reality add-ons and live gaming. If you have ever played live dealer games at your favorite casino and thought these were realistic, they do not even come close to what would be offered at an AR casino site. 

The overall experience with augmented reality is greatly enhanced. While you may be used to sitting at a table or on the couch and playing casino games, you will not experience a virtual environment that will bring the live dealers right into your home! In addition to the enhanced overall experience, you will benefit from a better sound experience. AR casinos offer 360-degree sound, and when you turn your head to either side, you will be able to hear what is going on next to you, just like at a real casino. 

The AR technology has not yet been perfected for use in online casinos, but there are some sites that are starting to implement this technology. There are some hurdles that first have to be tackled before you will see AR on all casino sites. However, it is just a matter of time before this technology becomes mastered and is featured at gaming sites to offer you the most realistic experience since online gambling has been introduced.

Hurdles to Tackle with AR

Augmented reality is already being used by many software developers. However, there are still many things that need to be addressed before the technology is fully adopted in the gambling industry. The major issue is hardware. Players will have to make an investment to purchase headsets and other devices to take full advantage of the AR experience. These devices are available, but they are also still being developed. With existing models, you will not find mainstream features, and there could be some glitches when using headsets. It may be a few more years before the hardware is 100% effective, so if you look forward to AR gambling online, you will have to wait a bit longer.

Not only are there hurdles in regards to the hardware needed by players, but there are challenges to be addressed with software as well. Casino operators, as well as game developers, will have to develop new platforms that support augmented reality play. It can be difficult for operators to find the time and resources to develop new players that will embrace this new technology, so the market will be slow to offer AR casinos. 

Since there are still things that need to be ironed out, there is no definite time frame for AR casinos to launch. Some sites have started using bits of the technology to offer a better experience, but if you are waiting for a complete AR gambling session, it can be a few more years before we see these sites widely available.

Pros and Cons of AR Online Casinos

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a top technology used in gambling. One of the first games to incorporate AR was Pokemon GO,  launched back in 216. The amazing popularity of the game led software developers to implement AR in other types of games, including those you will find at online casinos. With a combination of a real and digital world, you can enjoy a unique and immersive experience and feel like you are right at your preferred land casino, all without leaving the comforts of home!

Let’s take a close look at the benefits and drawbacks of playing at an AR casino. After reviewing these, you will be able to determine if this form of gambling will best suit your needs.

Pros of AR Cons of AR
Enhanced gaming experience Games can be expensive to develop, leading to a shortage of titles
Ease of use with Android and iOS apps Confidentiality is a concern
Social interactions with dealers and players Increased chance of gambling addiction
Enhanced technology 

AR Casino Options

The overall goal when using Augmented Reality at an online casino is to combine your online experience with the real world. You will find this technology being used at casinos that have experienced developers that are providing games. At this point in time, there are no online casinos that have completely integrated AR. The cost to develop required software is expensive, and players will also have to incur costs to purchase hardware.

Even though AR casinos are not up and running, they are definitely something to expect in the next few years. Online developers and operators are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve your gambling experience. By combining a life-like experience with your current physical settings, you will find this form of gambling to deliver a unique and immersive experience, one that will surely be the future of gaming.

State of VR Casinos Today

Virtual reality has become a key concept for gamers, and this technology is also changing how players engage in casino gambling online or on a mobile device. VR is always evolving, and it is transforming the gambling industry each and every day. Many casinos are working to make the switch to VR so they can offer members the best possible experience and an enjoyable way to engage in real money play

As things are now, players can play an array of games at VR casinos, including slots, table games, and card games. With table games, the dealer is represented by a digital avatar, and so are all other players at the table. You can choose your own avatar and be able to chat with others as you enjoy the game. You will also have the ability to move around in a VR casino, just like if you were at your favorite land casino. When you move, all of the scenery will change, and you will be able to view games and players on the casino floor. 

The Future of VR Casinos

While there are already some great options to enjoy VR gambling, the future holds much more. With the technology always improving and being enhanced, the VR experience will become something that players could have only dreamt of a few years ago. Here, we take a look at the possibilities of VR casinos in the near future. While it is impossible to predict exactly what these new and improved sites will offer, we can provide you with a general idea of the features and experiences you will enjoy.

  • More Activities Can be Enjoyed – Casinos want to make sure you are always entertained and have a satisfying experience. This is one of the main forces behind a VR casino. The VR environment will allow you to enjoy more of the action at a casino, and some sites that are already using the technology offer bars and social areas. As things advance, there will be even more things to enjoy when you visit an online gambling site.
  • More Realistic and Immersive Games – As things continue to develop, you will find that VR casinos will be almost indistinguishable from land casinos. Immersive games will be offered when you can view the entire table, conduct bets using gestures and voice commands, and even high-five another player at the table when they enjoy a huge win! 
  • VR and Cryptocurrency Use – This is one of the easiest predictions we are able to make. Since many sites are already starting to make use of VR technology, new forms of money are also being created. Many players are already using cryptocurrencies to gamble online, and with VR casinos, you can expect some sites to be strictly crypto casinos where you can conduct secure payments with Bitcoin or other cryptos. It will be a purely digital experience.
  • VR will Merge with AI – Artificial intelligence is used in many ways all over the world every day. While it is not something we see yet in many online casinos, you can expect Virtual Reality sites to merge with AI in the future. This means that the casino will most likely be run by artificial intelligence, meaning no humans will be needed. Customer support services, banking, casino security, and other aspects will all be controlled by AI.
  • Customizable Experience – When VR casinos start to become popular, you will be able to customize your experience. Just like you can do with many of today’s video games, VR casinos will allow you to personalize an avatar or even the casino environment. By being able to make things personal, players will have a more satisfying experience.

How You Can Play at a VR Casino

Playing at a VR casino will deliver the most realistic and exciting experience online. While not every site is using this technology, you can find some great licensed and regulated casinos that have implemented VR technology and offer games that you can watch and play in real-time. To enjoy the thrills of these games and have the best online gambling session, there are some things you will have to do. 

To get started playing at any VR casino, just follow these steps. You will then be able to enjoy the realism offered and play all of your favorite games!

  • Purchase and set up a VR headset. 
  • Register for an account with a trusted VR online casino. Be sure to read reviews of sites to make sure you are choosing one that is trusted and has a positive reputation for VR gambling.
  • Make your deposit at the casino and start playing the most exciting VR games online!

Pros and Cons of VR Casinos

At casinos that use virtual reality technology, you will enjoy an intriguing and engaging experience with the most stimulating visual effects and sounds. With the ability to enjoy a setting where other players are interacting and playing casino games in real-time, this new technology will surely be the future of iGaming. Before you make any decision to purchase hardware and sign up at an operating VR casino, take some time to review these pros and cons. You want to make sure that this form of gambling is the best choice for your needs as well as for your budget.

Pros of VR Gambling Cons of VR Gambling
Provides a life-like experience You may have to wager more than with standard online casino games
You have the ability to chat with others Players tend to become ignorant of their surroundings
An increasing number of VR games Added cost to purchase headsets
A unique experience that is completely different from standard online gambling Sites not widely available
Constant upgrades and enhanced technology

VR Casinos Today

There are already some great VR casinos operating and offering the chance to engage in the most realistic form of play. SlotsMillion was the first VR casino to launch, and this became available in 2015. At this site, you can play top games and will feel like you are sitting right in front of your favorite slot games. All interactions are in real-time, similar to when playing live dealer casino games.

Microgaming is one company to watch for if you want to engage in VR gambling. This software developer jumped on board and started to create amazing 3D games that could be played on a PC or mobile device. While there may not be many VR casinos operating at this time, you can expect many to enter the industry in the coming years. This technology is quickly changing how players engage in real money wagering online, and as more sites adopt the technology, you will find many available options to enjoy the most realistic forms of gambling.


How will AR and VR alter the way we engage in online gambling? Both of these technologies will enhance the overall experience by offering real-time play and interactions with other players along with dealers. While this may sound similar to live dealer games, the experience will be quite different. VR casinos will have the ability to transport players into a virtual casino world where they can walk the casino floor, move in different directions, engage with others, and more. With AR casinos, computer-generated objects will be projected using a headset to augment your real-world environment. 

VR and AR casinos will be the future of gambling and as technology continues to evolve, we can expect sites to start using these technologies in the near future to provide players with the most immersive and realistic gambling experience ever available online. For those who love the thrills of gambling and already play online, these new types of casinos will be a game-changer!


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