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Are There Any Tricks To Win On Online Slot Machines?

All online casino enthusiasts love playing slots. Despite being beginner-friendly, online slots are also a top choice for professional gamblers. If you are familiar with slots, you have wondered at least once whether you can manipulate them for bigger wins. Let’s find out whether it’s possible to manipulate online slots for bigger wins.   

Can You Rig Online Slots For Better Payouts?

In the history of gambling, you will encounter various stories of manipulating slots. Some of the world-class examples of casino cheats are as follows:

  • Dennis Nikrasch: He was a locksmith who used homemade tools to trick different slot machines and managed to win around $15 million.
  • Tommy Glenn Carmichael created the infamous monkey paw to swindle money from American and Caribbean casinos. 
  • Louis Colavechhio: He used to produce counterfeit currency for tricking software inside casino machines. 

Online slots are difficult to rig because they lack accessible hardware. But even for land-based slots with physical hardware, you will find sporadic ways of tricking them. Moreover, it’s difficult to manipulate slots because most of the old tricks in the book have already been detected. 

Does that mean you can never win while playing online slots? That’s different because many players have managed to win big from playing slot games. You can win on online slot machines without using any illegal means.

Tips And Tricks For Winning Slots

Some of the best tips and tricks for winning on online slots are as follows:

1.Play Games with High RTP

Jeffrey Gynn – Slotsup reviewer recommends trying out slots with high RTPs. The RTP of a slot can give you an idea of its paying potential. All slots with high RTPs are likely to pay higher winnings. Slots with a minimum RTP of 96% are highly recommended for higher payouts. But you should try to find slots with even higher RTPs.

Some of the best slots with high RTPs are as follows:

Slot Name Software Provider RTP
Blood Suckers NetEnt 98%
Starmania NextGen Gaming 97.87%
White Rabbit Big Time Gaming 97.72%
Medusa Megways NextGen Gaming 97.63%
Guns N’ Roses NetEnt 96.98%

2. Take Advantage Of Bonus Codes


Using cheat codes was a popular method of tricking land-based slots. In online slots, you won’t be able to use cheat codes. But you can find various casinos offering bonus codes to boost players’ bankroll. Therefore, always look for bonus codes while signing up at a casino and making deposits. 

3. Check The Volatility

Low volatility slots offer more frequent wins. But the catch is that the winning amount needs to be higher. On the other hand, high-volatility slots rarely offer payouts. But when they do, the amount is significant. 

You should check out the volatility of a game and pick one according to your risk appetite. For instance, the Wisdom of Athena demo slot tested by Jeffrey Gynn is considered a high-volatility slot. While the game has an RTP of 96.07%, everyone does not prefer the high volatility. 

Several players prefer low-volatility games because it enables them to keep playing for a long duration. A few popular low-volatility slots to check out are as follows:

  • Starburst
  • Crystal Vault
  • Cornelius
  • Wolf Run
  • Milkshake XXXtreme

4. Leverage Free Spins And Bonus Rounds

A large number of slots come with free spins and bonus rounds. They are an excellent opportunity to make money and offer a lot of thrill and excitement. Therefore, consider choosing slots with free spins and bonus rounds and take full advantage of them.  

5. Place Your Wagers Carefully

Many slot guides and reviews will recommend you place the maximum wager. While it is a helpful tip for slot players, being aware of random number generators is crucial. No matter how many paylines you wager on, these generators offer the same chance of winning.

Irrespective of the number of reels, symbols, and paylines on a slot machine, your chance of winning the jackpot will be 1 out of 1000. So, what’s the point of placing the maximum bet?

The benefit is that the paytable gives you a small sum of winnings when you hit other combinations. You can win on various combinations if you wager on all the paylines.

But it would help to consider multiple factors before maxing out your bet. The amount is one of these betting parameters. Maximizing your paylines will increase your expense and potential losses. If the stakes are minimal, it is acceptable to place the maximum wager.

Additionally, the volatility of the slot is quite crucial in this respect. High volatility indicates fewer winnings but big rewards. But for the big rewards, you will have to place high wagers. In this case, maxing out your bet is only prudent when you have a huge bankroll to fall back on. 

6. Look For No Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are a great way of earning real money from slots for free. The payouts from no deposit bonuses can go as high as $20. These bonuses will enable you to spin the reels for free. If you are lucky, you will win a substantial amount to withdraw whenever you want. 

But no deposit bonuses are scarce. Moreover, slot machines come with a wagering requirement for no deposit bonuses. Therefore, you must fulfill the playthrough requirements to be eligible for withdrawals. 

7. Play The Games In Demo Mode At SlotsUp

Every online slot is different, and we all have our preferences. Before spending real money on a slot, trying its demo version on SlotsUp is always recommended. Playing the demo mode of slot games will cost you nothing. You will become familiar with the mechanics of the slots offered by various software providers. 

For instance, you can play Pragmatic Play slots for free in demo mode to understand whether the games suit your preferences. After that, you can begin playing for real money and enhance your winning chance.

8. Play At Odd Hours

Several players have managed to win big from slots by playing at odd hours. With multiple players online during peak hours, slot machines receive millions of spins each minute. If you play slots while most players are sleeping or at work, you will have greater chances of winning. 

Another benefit of playing at odd hours is less chance of experiencing technical glitches because no servers are overloaded. Even if something goes wrong, you will immediately receive customer support because the team is far less busy. 

Parting Words

Resorting to illegal ways of manipulating slots can make you face grave consequences like imprisonment and monetary fines. Once you choose slots from top providers and become familiar with their mechanism in demo mode, you automatically develop a higher chance of winning. So get started with exploring different slots now!


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