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LIV Golf Results Mexico 2024 – Team and Individual Results

Niemann’s Triumph: Overcoming Adversity

In an exhilarating display of skill and determination, Joaquin Niemann etched his name into LIV Golf history with a stunning victory at Mayakoba. Overcoming a tumultuous start marred by a two-stroke penalty, Niemann showcased unwavering focus and resilience, ultimately prevailing in a heart-pounding playoff against seasoned competitor Sergio Garcia. The Torque GC captain’s journey from adversity to triumph exemplifies the essence of grit and perseverance that defines the sport.

Legion XIII’s Debut: A Spectacular Arrival

Meanwhile, Jon Rahm’s Legion XIII made an indelible mark in their inaugural appearance, capturing the team title with a commanding performance that left fans and pundits alike in awe. Despite Rahm narrowly missing the individual playoff, his leadership and strategic prowess propelled Legion XIII to a resounding victory, signaling their arrival as formidable contenders in the LIV Golf landscape.

Tales of Resilience: Surratt’s Star Turn

The triumph was not without its moments of tension and drama. From Niemann’s early setback to Rahm’s near miss, the competition at Mayakoba was a rollercoaster of emotions, captivating audiences with its unpredictability and intensity. Yet, amidst the nail-biting suspense, there emerged stories of resilience and redemption that added depth and intrigue to the spectacle.

Rising Star: Surratt’s Courageous Comeback

One such tale is that of Caleb Surratt, the 19-year-old prodigy who emerged as a breakout star in his professional debut. Despite facing adversity with a four-putt triple bogey, Surratt displayed remarkable poise and determination, rallying with five consecutive birdies to secure vital points for Legion XIII. His courage in the face of adversity symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the sport and serves as inspiration for aspiring golfers worldwide.

Celebrations and Reflections: The Essence of Victory

As the champagne flowed and celebrations ensued, the triumph of Niemann and Legion XIII underscored the captivating drama and sheer unpredictability that defines the world of professional golf. With each swing and each putt, these athletes showcased the unyielding pursuit of excellence that transcends mere competition, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of golf history.

Legion XIII captured the team trophy in an impressive LIV Golf debut. (Photo by Chris Trotman/LIV Golf)
Legion XIII captured the team trophy in an impressive LIV Golf debut. (Photo by Chris Trotman/LIV Golf)


Standings and counting scores for Sunday’s final round of the team competition at LIV Golf Mayakoba. The three best scores from each team count in the first two rounds while all four scores count in the final round. The team with the lowest cumulative score after three rounds wins the team title.

1. LEGION XIII -24 (Hatton 64, Surratt 67, Vincent 69, Rahm 70; Rd. 3 score -14)

2. CRUSHERS GC -20 (Lahiri 67, DeChambeau 68, Howell III 68, Casey 68; Rd. 3 score -13)

3.TORQUE GC -17 (Niemann 70, Muñoz 70, Ortiz 70, Pereira 70; Rd. 3 score -4)

4. STINGER GC -16 (Oosthuizen 67, Grace 68, Schwartzel 70, Burmester 70; Rd. 3 score -8)

5. RIPPER GC -16 (Jones 66, Smith 67, Leishman 70, Herbert 71; Rd. 3 score -10)

6. FIREBALLS GC -13 (Garcia 66, Ancer 67, Chacarra 71, Puig 71; Rd. 3 score -9)

7. SMASH GC -12 (Koepka 68, Gooch 68, McDowell 72, Kokrak 73; Rd. 3 score -3)

8. CLEEKS GC -9 (Bland 67, Kaymer 67, Samooja 70, Meronk 73; Rd. 3 score -7)

9. MAJESTICKS GC -7 (Westwood 69, Horsfield 69, Stenson 70, Poulter 71; Rd. 3 score -5)

10. RANGEGOATS GC +2 (Wolff 68, Uihlein 71, Watson 73, Pieters 73; Rd 3 score +1)

11. HYFLYERS GC +2 (Steele 70, Ogletree 70, Tringale 71, Mickelson 74; Rd. 3 score +1)

12. 4ACES GC +3 (Johnson 67, Perez 71, Reed 73, Varner III 77; Rd. 3 score +4)

13. IRON HEADS GC +6 (Na 70, Kozuma 71, Vincent 74, Lee 75; Rd. 3 score +6)


LEGION XIII MAKES GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION: Jon Rahm and his Legion XIII team are LIV Golf’s first expansion team, and Rahm himself said earlier in the week he wasn’t sure how quickly they would jell as a team.

As it turned out, it only took three rounds for them to become the ninth different LIV Golf team to win a trophy.

“For us to do what we did and perform and get the win, I’m glad that we proved it to ourselves and everybody that we’re a team to reckon with,” Rahm said.

Said Tyrrell Hatton: “I didn’t know what to expect. For all of us, these are new experiences. I really enjoyed the week, and winning as a team is good fun, and hopefully we can keep that going.”

FIRST INDIVIDUAL TITLE FOR TORQUE: Last year, Torque GC won a LIV Golf-best four-team trophies but were shut out in the individual competition. Captain Joaquin Niemann said he was glad to break through on that front, but he missed being able to celebrate with his team.

Torque started the final round with a five-shot lead but settled for third place after a cumulative score of 4 under.

As he conducted his winner’s interview, Niemann said he felt a “little bit alone.”

“It’s always fun to have the other three – Mito (Pereira), Sebastián (Muñoz) and Carlos (Ortiz) on my side here, especially in interviews,” he said. “It makes it a little bit more fun. It would’ve been nice being with them, throwing champagne.

“But I think it’s still good. We still had a good finish.”

GARCIA GLAD FOR CHANCE TO WIN: Although Fireballs GC Captain Sergio Garcia didn’t win the playoff against Joaquin Niemann, he was happy to at least be in contention – especially since he’s still working on things with his game.

“If you had told me before the week started that I would’ve been in this position, I would’ve taken this for sure,” Garcia said. “I wasn’t feeling great. My swing is still not feeling great. To be able to hang in there as much as I did and almost win without feeling very comfortable at all is a positive.  I need to get better, but I still managed to give myself a chance.”

BLAND RECORDS LIV GOLF’S 4TH ACE: Cleeks GC’s Richard Bland posted the fourth hole-in-one in LIV Golf history at the 152-yard par-3 8th in the final round. It’s the 11th ace in Bland’s career. The Englishman turned 51 on Saturday.


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