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Muscle Pain and Long-Term Injuries: How CBD Affects Workouts and Workout Results

Since its legalization in the USA, Republic of Ireland and the UK, cannabidiol, or CBD, products have become mainstream. Sold at health stores and on wellness websites such as the webshop from Nordic Oil, CBD oils, salves, and tinctures offer numerous health benefits, including better fitness results and muscle recovery.

When vaping CBD it’s important to know the correct temperatures that can be found at Zamnesia, which is a great CBD resource. Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur trying to get the most out of your fitness regime, or recovering from an injury, here are just some of the benefits of adding CBD to your wellness routine.


Better Muscle Recovery


Exercise can take a toll on our bodies. After all, who hasn’t felt sore after a game of football or a session at the gym. This is because exercise – especially high intensity workouts – causes tiny tears in the muscles. This, in turn, triggers inflammation, causing your muscles to feel sore and fatigued. While this is perfectly normal, and is a way of building stronger muscle tissue, there are times when it can work against us.


Pushing things too far at the gym or the sports field can lead to an injury or muscle damage that can actually reduce your fitness gains. Excessive exercise also increases your levels of cortisol, a hormone that can inhibit muscle growth. 


This is when taking CBD can be useful. As CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help your muscles heal faster following a rigorous workout session or an injury. CBD is also an anti-catabolic, which means that it can reduce your level of cortisol to promote protein synthesis and muscle recovery.


Lower Muscle Tension


Muscle pain and stiffness caused by strenuous exercise or an injury can be intensified by muscle tension. This is why many people recovering from injuries take muscle relaxants, such as Valium, which work though the GABA receptors that induce relaxation. CBD is a great alternative to prescription muscle relaxants, which can come with their share of side effects, such as depression, confusion, and dizziness. This is because CBD has a similar effect on GABA as muscle relaxant medication without the annoying side effects. 


Less Pain


Pain caused by an injury or strenuous exercise can be debilitating. Instead of taking potentially harmful pain-killers, why not try CBD to feel more comfortable as you heal. CBD alleviates pain by inhibiting pain transmission in the brain and spinal column. It also reduces sensitivity to pain via vanilloid receptors.


Better Sleep Quality 


Sleep is the best time for our bodies to heal itself. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, can have negative effects on recovery by increasing cortisol levels and reducing testosterone. Taking CBD not only alleviates stress, but improves the quality and duration of sleep by interacting with receptors in the brain. And it is when we are asleep that the largest portion of muscle recovery takes place. Some of the processes that take place while we sleep include the removal of cellular debris from the damaged area and restoration of damaged proteins, such as myosin, actin, and troponin.


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