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National Champions movie – Plot, Trailer and Release Date

‘National Champions’ is an upcoming American sports drama film that tackles the question of whether college athletes in the United States should be paid to play.


The film will take place in the lead-up to the National Championship game in college football, and will focus on a star quarterback who begins a player strike before the match begins.

He does so in order to fight for fair compensation, equality, and respect for the athletes who put their bodies and health on the line for their schools.

The player strike causes a rift between those who want to maintain the status quo and those who want to change the way college football is perceived.

The rift affects the relationship between the coaches and players of Missouri as the biggest game of their season draws near.


The trailer was released on November 16 and depicts the main character, LeMarcus James, beginning the strike and introducing characters that will be on both sides of the fence – players, coaches, NCAA suits.

It introduces the stakes of the premise – the player’s strike will lead to a boycott of the biggest game of the college football calendar if it is not resolved.

James calls out the disparity between players and coaches in a live television interview, as well as those in high positions with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The trailer showcases several viewpoints in the aftermath of James’ actions – his own, the other players, his coach, and those who run the NCAA.

It also features NFL players Malcolm Jenkins and Russell Wilson, who both are seen answering questions on the ordeal.

The strong cast is seen throughout the trailer, with established veterans such as JK Simmons and Timothy Olyphant working alongside actors working their way up the pyramid – Stephan James, who previously played Jesse Owens in ‘Race’, and Lil Rel Howery of ‘Get Out’ are seen in the trailer.

Release Date

‘National Champions’ will be in cinemas in the USA on December 10 and is expected to be made available in Ireland at a later date.

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