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All the new sports and events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

This years Tokyo Olympic Games will have five new events and 33 new events

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have added more sports and included more mix gendered events in this year’s roster.

Change is nothing new to the Olympics as the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro had the inclusion of golf and seven aside rugby.

This year will see the return of softball and baseball as well as the completely new karate, surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding taking place.

Wrestling was meant to be discontinued at the Olympics, but the IOC returned the sport in September 2013.

Although there is an increase in 33 events, the number of competitors at this year’s Olympics is expected to decrease by 150 people.


Five new sports

Baseball and softball originated in the United States and last appeared at the Olympics in Beijing 2008. Six national teams will compete with Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the United States having qualified already.

Karate is a martial art originally from the Ryukyu Kingdom of Japan that will debut at the games in August.

Skateboarding is an urban action sport from the United States with stars like Chris Joslin and Jenn Soto competing.

Sport climbing is another action sport that finds the best athlete at three formats: speed climbing, lead climbing and bouldering.

Lastly, surfing is s water sport that will debut on the Pacific coasts of Japan this year.


New events in Tokyo 2020

Archery: Mixed team event.

Athletics: Mixed 4x400m relay.

Baseball: Men only.

Basketball: 3 aside matches, men and women.

Cycling: The Madison for men and women, BMX freestyle for men and women.

Fencing: Women’s team Foil, men’s team sabre.

Judo: Mixed team event.

Karate: Kumite, three weight classes for men and women, Kata for men and women.

Skateboarding: Park for men and women, Street for men and women.

Softball: Women only.

Sport Climbing: Men and Women.

Surfing: Men and Women.

Swimming: Women’s 1500m freestyle, men’s 800m freestyle, mixed 4x100m medley relay.

Table Tennis: Mixed doubles

Triathlon: Mixed team relay


Events removed from Tokyo 2020

Weightlifting: One less men’s class


The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is set to start on Friday the 23rd of July.

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