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Sports recovery with CBD oil

After a long sports session, you may feel severe muscle pain. Not treating this pain in time can cause your performance as an athlete to be lower and the pain to become chronic. Are you in search of a product to treat pain in sports safely? Science has set its eye on CBD oil!

What benefits does this CBD treatment provide? We will tell you more about it today!

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Use of CBD oil in sport: enjoy the benefits

Every athlete should consider the recovery of the muscles after long and intense physical activity sessions—the fibres of the muscle break during these exercises, producing the phenomenon of muscle pain late.

It is a natural process after exercise, but it does not stop producing pain that can be disabling in some cases. They may recommend using ice packs or applying compression measures to the area to promote better blood circulation. You can also choose to take a pain reliever to help you cope with the days after training.

While many medications can effectively relieve these pains, their regular use may carry health risks in the future. For this reason, CBD oil for athletes has been considered an alternative to avoid the side effect of anti-inflammatory painkillers in traditional medicine.

Cannabidiol is one of the many components that the cannabis plant has and that science has studied in the search for effective treatments for pain. Its use as sports therapy has spread, thanks to the fact that it is not addictive and does not produce psychotic symptoms.

How does CBD oil relieve muscle pain in athletes?

In general, most athletes opt for classic measures to alleviate muscle ailments. But when they are not effective, you have toresort to treatments that have had optimal results.

CBD oil has been used for contractures, as studies have shown that it slows down the inflammatory process in muscle fibres. The effect of CBD oil seems to be related to the body’s TRPV1 receptor, whose response to the use of this oil is the reduction of pain and the processes where there is inflammation, even chronic.

The oil also has benefits for the athlete in other common symptoms. For example, CBD oil avoids nausea that comes after high-impact workouts. In addition, the recovery of the muscles is faster due to the proven antioxidant effect of cannabidiol.

After exercise, our body is empowered to release anandamide naturally. This compound is related to the release of endorphins after exercise. CBD oil allows the decomposition of this natural cannabinoid to be slower and will enable you to feel more relaxation and pleasure after a long sports session.

CBD oil in sport in general

Since CB1 receptors are located throughout the brain, spinal cord and other tissues. CB2, in addition to these places, is also found in the tissues of the immune system. 

When CBD molecules bind to CB1 receptors, there is a more significant influence on the central nervous system, and when they attach to CB2s, the effect falls on the reduction of inflammations.

Our endocannabinoid system maintains homeostasis, which is balanced. When you are an athlete, your body is under great stress, much more significant than this system can handle, which is why CBD for athletes is highly recommended.

CBD oil benefits for athletes

Suffering from chronic pain is common in athletes and high-performance athletes. CBD has analgesic properties. Besides, CBD interacts with the TRPV-1 receptors of the central nervous system, sending signals that inhibit the perception of pain.

By relieving pain, stress levels are lowered, and the body can recover better.

CBD oil is also great to fight inflammations

Another common factor in athletes is inflammation, generated by injuries that can be the product of a blow, a fall or a bad movement during training.

For this reason, athletes often use over-the-counter anti-inflammatories on the market, such as ibuprofen, but which in the long run can have serious health consequences (for example, gastric ulcers or kidney problems).

CBD oil is a natural alternative without noticeable adverse effects (you may feel dry in the mouth, some diarrhoea or drowsiness), thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

How does CBD oil work in the body?

CBD acts on the central nervous system, and the immune system adheres to CB2 receptors and lowers inflammation levels, improving pain and sports performance. By reducing inflammation, faster recovery is possible.

It is normal to use patches, creams, or lotions to be applied directly to the affected area, which is very useful to reduce inflammation and pain.

CBD oil for athletes has shown great value, improving the performance and life of athletes.

Buy CBD oil online for athletes

The organism is more complex than one might imagine. Beyond the cellular influence, there are a large number of neural systems and connections that allow us to carry out various activities. It is important to note that the use of CBD for athletes has relevant scientific foundations.

Justbob is one of the brands in the UK and Europe that has offered CBD oil, monitoring its potential benefits in low and high impact athletes. Its CBD oil product is extracted by supercritical CO2, thus guaranteeing the care of the plant components.

In addition, they are 100% certified organic, no pesticides or GMOs are used in their cultivation and production.


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